Guest Storytellers

The monthly Guest Storyteller slot has reached its 4th year. Thank you to all those fabulous people who have showcased their writing on my blog during that time.

With a degree of sadness I’ve decided to take an extended, if not permanent break from posting this monthly feature to devote more time to my novel-writing.

If I do decide to restart “guest storytellers”, then it will be in a revamped form that only showcases flash fiction with a 100-word upper limit.

For first-time visitors to this page, please do check out some of the fabulous links below…



4th March: Paying the Ferryman by Björn Rudberg is a dark and disturbing piece of flash fiction that cleverly interweaves Greek mythology with the horrors of contemporary human trafficking.

7th January: Novel excerpt from William D. Holland’s scary and dark serial killer/supernatural thriller, Shadows Over A Hangman’s NooseWilliam blogs at Artistry with Words as Billybuc.


3rd December: A Blue Coat for Christmas by Sherri Matthews is a touching story about a girl who loves her father, despite his weaknesses.

5th November: Dream Girl is a tender and haunting story of enduring love by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, who facilitates the internationally popular flash fiction challenge known as Friday Fictioneers

1st October: I Take Thee is a companion piece to 21-year-old author, J. S. Strange’s exciting zombie apocalypse novel Winter Smith: London’s Burning.

2nd July: System Timeout is a science fiction story of the cyberpunk/genetic engineering variety, written by Allie Potts as a companion piece to her published novel The Fair & Foul.

7th May: An extract from the breathlessly exciting standalone crime thriller Distress Signals by Catherine Ryan Howard published by  Corvus/Atlantic in the UK and Ireland on May 5th.

2nd April: An extract from Damp Dogs & Rabbit Wee, an entertaining non-fictional account of Cee Tee Jackson’s work as a pet professional.

5th March: The Gingerbread House , a short story with a wickedly humourous twist. 

6th February: An extract from Shizzle, Inc, the hilarious chic-lit humour novel by Ana Spoke.

2nd January: The Trek , an inspirational story by Dale Rogerson.


5th September: The Mountain Road, a dark fantasy story by Joshua Munns.

6th June: Accidents Happen, a crime story with a delicious twist by Louise Jensen.

2nd May: ‘Twas all astonishment and Unhinged, two 100 word stories on the subject of reincarnation by Douglas MacIlroy.

4th April: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Sentences, Leigh-Ward Smith’s Bulwer-Lytton style speculative microfiction, plus a little challenge for my readers.

7th March: A children’s story-in-rhyme by Penny Howe, Horton hears a TARDIS, is written in the style of Dr Seuss in celebration of his birthday in the first week of March.

7th February: An extract from Geoffrey Gudgion’s second novel Catherine Bonnevaux (a mystery fantasy) that is presently with his agent. You can read about his first novel, Saxon’s Bane, here.

3rd January: An extract from David Milligan-Croft’s novel Peripheral Vision , about a young boy blinded by his father and his subsequent descent into a life of crime and drugs.


6th December: Chocolate Umbrella , Sherri Matthew’s poignant story about a little girl’s discovery that she isn’t the only one in her family who is keeping secrets.

1st November: Shoveling Conversation, Christy Birmingham’s multi-layered portrayal of when the same words mean different things to a man and a woman.

4th October: White Feather, Andrea Stephenson’s poignant story about a questionable method they used to shame men into enlisting in the First World War.

6th September: The Enhanced, the prologue to Leigh Ward Smith’s work-in-progress, a science fiction novel about genetically enhanced humans with canid capabilities.

2nd August: Extract from The Beautiful Prisoner, Blondeusk‘s thriller story about two women — a hostage and her captor — befriending each other.

5th July: Extract from Parson’s Creek , Richard Sutton’s young adult novel that’s semi-memoir.

7th June: Extract from The Range & Chapter 2 called 2.47Dave Farmer‘s speculative type “what-if” novel with an apocalyptic slant.

4th May:  An Extract from Niamh’s dream journey (Tales of the Tuatha)Cybele Moon‘s magical folk tale, accompanied by some of her unique photo-illustrations: an ongoing work she’s publishing on her blog.

5th April: YAAD , a humourous take on the subject of road maintenance by Gary Bonn. 

1st March: Freedom Climbs on Logs Rooted, a quirky and colourful piece of prose poetry by Benjamin F Jones.

1st February: Hidden Courage, a medical tale by I. J. Sarfeh, who is a retired surgeon and Professor Emeritus, now pursuing his passion for writing.

6th January 2014: The Most Noble Story, a traditional-style tale by professional storyteller, Naomi Baltuck. You can also find a word and picture version of the same story at her blog Writing Between the Lines.

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  1. Dear Sarah,

    I am honored to have been asked to be a guest storyteller for May. How often would your require that I post? I understand 600-800 words is the preferred length. Is that true. How kind of you. you can e-mail me at I’d love to help out but don’t want to make a hash of it.



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