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Guest Storytellers

Each month, I will invite a guest storyteller along to my blog to tell us a little about themselves (preferably in less than 50 words and written in 3rd person) and to showcase 100-600 words of their writing: either a stand-alone piece of flash fiction or an extract from a longer work that reads as a tale within a tale.

Also, from September 2014 there’s a new little extra (although not compulsory): to provide a two-sentence story hook. For those who don’t know what this is, it’s describing your story or novel in a couple of sentences to hook the reader. And if you’re intending to submit your piece of work to a publisher or agent at some point, you can use this same hook in your query or covering letter, so it’s not a wasted exercise.

If possible (but again not compulsory) I like to post a picture of the guest storyteller along with their bio. The image needs sending as a jpg attachment, preferably in 85 pixels to the inch resolution.

I will post each story on the first Saturday of the month.

On this page, I will post the links to their stories, so that later visitors to my blog can do a catch-up read of story posts they have missed.



I’m taking a month’s break from running a Guest Storyteller slot in May, but please watch this space for news of June’s guest storyteller.



1st April: May Be Sometime  is a speculative flash fiction by Robert C Day, an MA student of Creative Writing who used to blog but vanished overnight without explanation.

4th March: Paying the Ferryman by Björn Rudberg is a dark and disturbing piece of flash fiction that cleverly interweaves Greek mythology with the horrors of contemporary human trafficking.

7th January: Novel excerpt from William D. Holland’s scary and dark serial killer/supernatural thriller, Shadows Over A Hangman’s NooseWilliam blogs at Artistry with Words as Billybuc.


3rd December: A Blue Coat for Christmas by Sherri Matthews is a touching story about a girl who loves her father, despite his weaknesses.

5th November: Dream Girl is a tender and haunting story of enduring love by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, who facilitates the internationally popular flash fiction challenge known as Friday Fictioneers

1st October: I Take Thee is a companion piece to 21-year-old author, J. S. Strange’s exciting zombie apocalypse novel Winter Smith: London’s Burning.

2nd July: System Timeout is a science fiction story of the cyberpunk/genetic engineering variety, written by Allie Potts as a companion piece to her published novel The Fair & Foul.

7th May: An extract from the breathlessly exciting standalone crime thriller Distress Signals by Catherine Ryan Howard published by  Corvus/Atlantic in the UK and Ireland on May 5th.

2nd April: An extract from Damp Dogs & Rabbit Wee, an entertaining non-fictional account of Cee Tee Jackson’s work as a pet professional.

5th March: The Gingerbread House , a short story with a wickedly humourous twist. 

6th February: An extract from Shizzle, Inc, the hilarious chic-lit humour novel by Ana Spoke.

2nd January: The Trek , an inspirational story by Dale Rogerson.


5th September: The Mountain Road, a dark fantasy story by Joshua Munns.

6th June: Accidents Happen, a crime story with a delicious twist by Louise Jensen.

2nd May: ‘Twas all astonishment and Unhinged, two 100 word stories on the subject of reincarnation by Douglas MacIlroy.

4th April: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Sentences, Leigh-Ward Smith’s Bulwer-Lytton style speculative microfiction, plus a little challenge for my readers.

7th March: A children’s story-in-rhyme by Penny Howe, Horton hears a TARDIS, is written in the style of Dr Seuss in celebration of his birthday in the first week of March.

7th February: An extract from Geoffrey Gudgion’s second novel Catherine Bonnevaux (a mystery fantasy) that is presently with his agent. You can read about his first novel, Saxon’s Bane, here.

3rd January: An extract from David Milligan-Croft’s novel Peripheral Vision , about a young boy blinded by his father and his subsequent descent into a life of crime and drugs.


6th December: Chocolate Umbrella , Sherri Matthew’s poignant story about a little girl’s discovery that she isn’t the only one in her family who is keeping secrets.

1st November: Shoveling Conversation, Christy Birmingham’s multi-layered portrayal of when the same words mean different things to a man and a woman.

4th October: White Feather, Andrea Stephenson’s poignant story about a questionable method they used to shame men into enlisting in the First World War.

6th September: The Enhanced, the prologue to Leigh Ward Smith’s work-in-progress, a science fiction novel about genetically enhanced humans with canid capabilities.

2nd August: Extract from The Beautiful Prisoner, Blondeusk‘s thriller story about two women — a hostage and her captor — befriending each other.

5th July: Extract from Parson’s Creek , Richard Sutton’s young adult novel that’s semi-memoir.

7th June: Extract from The Range & Chapter 2 called 2.47Dave Farmer‘s speculative type “what-if” novel with an apocalyptic slant.

4th May:  An Extract from Niamh’s dream journey (Tales of the Tuatha)Cybele Moon‘s magical folk tale, accompanied by some of her unique photo-illustrations: an ongoing work she’s publishing on her blog.

5th April: YAAD , a humourous take on the subject of road maintenance by Gary Bonn. 

1st March: Freedom Climbs on Logs Rooted, a quirky and colourful piece of prose poetry by Benjamin F Jones.

1st February: Hidden Courage, a medical tale by I. J. Sarfeh, who is a retired surgeon and Professor Emeritus, now pursuing his passion for writing.

6th January 2014: The Most Noble Story, a traditional-style tale by professional storyteller, Naomi Baltuck. You can also find a word and picture version of the same story at her blog Writing Between the Lines.

36 thoughts on “Guest Storytellers

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  2. I love story telling and have been looking for other writer blogs!!! ( I also do photography!) So glad to have found you!


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  12. I am excited to be coming up soon! I will share my post with you soon, Sarah 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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  18. Dear Sarah,

    I am honored to have been asked to be a guest storyteller for May. How often would your require that I post? I understand 600-800 words is the preferred length. Is that true. How kind of you. you can e-mail me at I’d love to help out but don’t want to make a hash of it.



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