Haiku Art

Important Copyright notice to be applied to the haiku art below

© Sarah Potter and sarahpotterwrites.com, 2011/2017. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of Sarah Potter’s haiku poems and/or of Julian Sutherland-Beatson’s original artwork without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.

37 thoughts on “Haiku Art”

    1. Thanks, yes, it’s extremely exciting – especially as I never know which of my haikus Julian’s has chosen to interpret until he reveals the paintings to me in their finished state. And I’m always thrilled at the result, as he has totally got what I’m saying.


    1. Just found this notification, and am heartened to discover it hasn’t been dumped in spam like your previous comment. I’ve just thanked you on your blog for this nomination, but will thank you again, here. And, likewise, I very much appreciate your followership and friendship 🙂


  1. “Hello, Sarah– have been reviewing your work & detect a wry, sly sense of humor with slightly macabre undertones; a unique manner of expression & enjoyable, too…”


    1. Yes, I’m into the wry and sometimes dark humour. It’s very interesting that Julian, the artist, chose my darker haiku to illustrate. I just handed him a whole load of them–some light and humorous and some serious–but the ones on this page are those he felt moved to paint.


    1. Glad you like the haiku art 🙂 Julian is a very talented professional painter, as well as one of the most energised and enthusiastic people I know. Along with my husband, he’s one of three co-directors of our local cultural festival, which is how I met him. He’s also been the resident artist at Glyndebourne Opera House summer season two or three times. and has exhibited at the Royal Academy in London. Those two paintings you mentioned are still for sale, I think 😉


      1. My pleasure Sarah, you may find some of my own…Easiest way is by searching, or the looong list of recent posts, I found out that it is easier to have visitors pick something they may enjoy.

        Have a super Saturday!



    1. I loved the experience of handing over my haiku to an artist and seeing how he interpreted it. It would be wonderful to work with him again with another set of haiku, but he’s extremely busy as he’s going places with his art and exhibiting in prestigious places, such as the Royal Academy. He has also been Artist in Residence at Glyndebourne (Opera House) for several years running. I feel it was a great honour having had the opportunity to collaborate with him on a project.

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