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— April’s Guest Storyteller — Robert C. Day

In 2013, Robert began to write. He produced his first short story since he left school many years ago. In 2014, he read every single book on Creative Writing he could get his hands on. In 2015, he wrote two novels. In 2016, he started his blog ( and to date has over 26,000 hits and 1,100+ followers. He writes a new story, thought, article, poem or writing tip every day and he lives to chat. In Oct 2016, he started an MA in Creative Writing and he now has a 2-year writing plan and a 20-year writing plan that includes 23 published items — at least. Robert is currently undergoing treatment for narcissistic tendencies and expects to be far, far better in the very near future.


Sarah says: I’m delighted to welcome a fellow eccentric Brit as my guest storyteller this month.  Like me, Robert C. Day (otherwise known as Levishedated), writes quirky fiction of a speculative kind.

Post Script: With regard to my statement above, I’ve just had a most surreal experience. Never have I had guest storyteller do a disappearing act on me. I’ve just been over to his blog and discovered a post titled THE END and the words “This is the Last post on this blog”. Only yesterday we were exchanging emails and he never said anything about his intention to abandon ship. Either this is a most odd April Fool’s joke, or he’s serious and has gone back to whichever planet he came from. I thought I was eccentric, but… 😉 


The story hook in Robert’s words…

A charming tale of manners and … no, I lie – it’s a sad story about the ending of a relationship in the most unusual of locations.


“You know, you don’t have to go. Not if you don’t want to.”

She stopped and gave me a long, searching look, as if she were trying to swim into my eyes. To gauge my mind from the inside.

Of course, I said nothing. She knew that I wouldn’t. She knew me that well.

We used to be more talkative. When we first met, we would spend weeks, hours, days together – just talking. We talked whilst we ate and drank, talked whilst we walked and worked. We even talked in the middle of movies. But the time we loved to talk the most was after making love.

Ah, the fun we had whilst in the throes of slippery romps and shivery thrills. Our talking then took the form of squealing, yelping and occasional joyful ululating. Forget about anyone hearing us, we were too far gone for that to bother us and too caught up in our own delicious minglement of love and lust to care.

Those days are long gone. Who knows where they went? A year ago, we began to talk in murmurs. A month ago, I stopped talking altogether. Last night, she asked me if I wanted to leave.

Of course, she had every right to ask. It is her place after all. Sure, we’d decked it out together and decided on colours that matched our moods, but at the end of the day – it was her home.

I don’t blame her. The time we had together was longer than most managed. I read the other day that the average partnership was now only three years, and we’d already managed over four by the time I stopped talking.

It’s funny, but I couldn’t tell you what made me end up that way.

My parents were good to me. She was good for me. Life was good. But so what? When it’s time, it’s time.

I was a long way from … well, from anywhere. When I stepped out of the door, I didn’t take anything with me. There wasn’t much point. More for me would have been less for her, and she’d need it much more than I would.


I feel the cold immediately. It embraces me like a thousand birds of prey – ravenous and cruel. I turn and look back. She stands at the window, her face a blank. I am able to blink, once, before my tears freeze over, sealing my eyes open.

I exhale and the crystalline fragments of my breath obscure her just before the spin of my body takes her face from me. By the time my body rotates to face her again, the sub-zero of space has blackened my vision, and a bare moment later, I am gone.


You can find the links to previous guest storyteller posts at 


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11 thoughts on “— April’s Guest Storyteller — Robert C. Day

  1. Dear Robert,

    The story left me with a few questions. Very well written. I love…”as if she were trying to swim into my eyes.”

    Thank you, Sarah for introducing me to a new writer. You are a most generous blogger.



    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Rochelle,
      For me, a huge part of the fun of blogging is meeting talented people with shared interests, and then introducing them to each other. It’s a bit like hosting a thumping good party. And with some of these people, there’s the added plus that some of them become special friends 🙂
      Also, thinking of how much encouragement people have given me in the past with my writing, I love to do the same for others, which includes giving them the chance to showcase their work.
      I’m glad you enjoyed Robert’s story. His blog is a daily entertainment, as I think he’s even more eccentric than me, and that’s really saying something!
      All best wishes,

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Quirky for sure…great twist at the end…very enjoyable read. Thanks, Sarah, for sharing Robert with us all. I’m a fan!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sunshine Jansen on said:

    Eccentric though I am you can be sure *I* will stick around at least in your Comments section… AND I just finished “Noah” and loved it; it’s refreshing for me to read younger-than-young-adult spec fiction. A good sense of humor and sense of the absurd develops in the middle grades; hats off to you for skewing young minds in the right direction. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, Sunshine. I’m glad that your eccentricity appreciated my eccentricity re Noah and his odd adventure! It’s lovely to get some positive feedback from my readers. Hint, hint … if you have a moment to leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads, it would help encourage other people to read my novel. Quirky fiction is hard to sell, but positive reviews go a long way towards convincing the undecided. Either way, your comment here has made my day shine. I have caught a cold, so happy things can only speed my recovery 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. The ending leaves me wanting more and that is a good sign of a talented writer!

    Liked by 1 person

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