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Hello there virtual voyager. Welcome to my creative den, which started out as a haiku-only blog in December 2011 and grew, to embrace tanka poetry, photography (initially other people’s and then my own), flash fiction, novel-in-progress updates, and a monthly guest storyteller slot (now in it’s second year), plus other random things. Whatever I blog about, my aim is to uplift rather than depress my fellow bloggers. It’s a tough world out there and I like to see this blog as a place of refuge to rest awhile, recharge your batteries, and find inspiration. My Monday Morning Haiku series, in particular, is designed to provide people with something positive to reflect upon at the start of each week.

I live on the south coast of England with my musician husband, adult son, and chocolate Labrador. None of us have a 9-5 job; even the dog doesn’t have one. It’s an eccentric household full of books and musical instruments. Shouting is outlawed, and we’re very old-fashioned in that we sit around a table and eat civilised meals, rather than slobbing in front of the television dropping food down our fronts and getting indigestion.

Sarah Potter

My favourite seasons are those in which I can potter around the garden, grow pretty flowers, and generally chill. Afternoon tea and homemade cake enjoyed out in the fresh air, is my idea of heaven.

Proof Copy of DesiccationI write quirky cross-genre novels that are every traditional publisher’s nightmare re marketing, which is why I’ve chosen to indie publish and go for the challenge. My writing career began at school, when I penned lengthy pop-star romances and science fiction stories for my fellow students’ entertainment instead of doing any work.

When I went to night school as an adult, a famous horror author awarded me the class prize for writing the scariest opening to a novel. In 2010, I reached the finals in the fiction category of the Aesthetica Creative Works Competition with a dystopian romance between a beggar who had made himself intentionally legless and a girl with bad skin.

My more offbeat and unhinged literary characters can be blamed upon my time of working in psychiatry. My earlier jobs included kennel maid, serving in a pub, shop assistant, factory worker, and secretary, all of which proved valuable life experience; however, anything that involved mathematical calculation or the operation of money tills did not last long.

So that’s me. What about you? I love hearing about your lives from around the globe and interacting with you. Should you wish to reach me by email, here’s the link to my Contact Form. Mostly, I’m delighted to hear from people, but please no sales stuff. I get quite enough of that already…

  • via my inbox (how to flush your money down the toilet book marketing or attending seminars)
  • via the telephone (the latest in triple glazing grants)
  • via my letterbox (pizza delivery companies and Indian takeaways).

Wishing you peace and every happiness,
Sarah Potter 🙂

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