May’s Guest Storyteller, Cybele Moon

Cybele (L) & daughter
Cybele (L) & daughter

Not all who wander are lost” – or have attention deficit disorder

By her own words Cybele Moon is a somewhat introverted but passionate traveler in many realms, seeking old bones and philosopher’s stones, – and other such treasures! History, astronomy, and paleontology have been among her interests.

She loves to wander off the beaten path in search of adventure and is a great friend of  Murphy who states “when all else fails, read the instructions” — or in this case refer to the map. Just ask her daughter, the navigator and keeper of time, who, by the way, is a grand travel companion and never misses a train.

She was an English Lit major in college way back when, and has always had a fervent love for the written word. At the same time she also enjoys photography and so began a quest to create visions and tales that complement each other.


An Extract from Niamh’s dream journey (Tales of the Tuatha)

Niamh's path of dreams

She had followed the stag down from the knock until it disappeared into the grove. The people of the Sidhe were near. She could feel them as Aine’s red mare climbed the hill, spreading her bright cloak across the star scattered sky and the trees below. For a few moments there was silence before the sweep of light awoke the birds to their exaltation. The sacred spring was deep in the forest and any who drank from it were granted great wisdom. Not all had the eyes to see it, but she was, after all, a daughter of the Tuatha.

beacon streamsmall

As she followed the way deeper into the woodland, Niamh became confused. She looked at Etain’s map. So, was it right or left at the tree by the little stream? Something was definitely wrong and nothing looked familiar. Should she go back to the beginning? She untied the small pouch on her belt that contained  her dreams to make sure she wasn’t confusing one with another, but the purse slipped out of her fingers. All the dreams spilled out onto the path and went spinning backward into the soft curve of the early morning mist. “Now I’ve done it!” she thought.

She retrieved one that had rolled up against a tree. This as going to be very troublesome she thought as she held onto it tightly. There had been nine dreams in the pouch including the one that had begun her quest in the early morning light — and still no spring was in sight! She didn’t even think she could find her way back to the mound, and she couldn’t return without her dreams! How could she have been so clumsy?


As she searched the thicket she suddenly found herself standing by a shining lagoon. Everywhere there was the glint of gold!


Sarah says: Thank you so much Cybele for this beautiful tale, told in traditional storyteller style, and  for your magical photographic illustrations.

And fellow bloggers, you can read the ongoing Tales of Tuatha from the beginning, as well as lose yourself in more of these illustrations at Cybelshineblog, where she calls herself Dune Mouse, which I think is a lovely name for a creative introvert!


For a catch-up read of previous stories, please do visit my page

Author: Sarah Potter Writes

Sarah is a British eccentric who writes offbeat fiction, haiku and tanka poetry. When stuck for words, she sketches or paints instead. She's into nature conservation, sustainability, gardening, dogs, natural health, and reading. Her sociability is something that happens in short bursts with long breathing spaces in between.

30 thoughts on “May’s Guest Storyteller, Cybele Moon”

    1. It’s such fun introducing fellow writers to each other. As much as we might feel like existing in splendid (or not so splendid isolation at times) I think that blogging is a wonderful way of sharing our creativity — introverts and extroverts alike.


  1. So enchanting, and I love the photos with the story, Cybele, congrats once again, this is a wonderful blog, Sarah, and I’m looking forward to exploring more. Greetings from Egypt from an american expat blogging about life in egypt after eloping with an egyptian man I met online during a midlife crisis! ;^)


  2. Wonderful tale, magical, whimsical at times, and definitely enticing. I have been reading each bit of the story as Cybelle posts it and when I finish, I always think awwww… I want more of this story! What will happen now? 🙂 Great job!


    1. Yes, I think magical and whimsical is what makes Cybele’s tale so enticing. Reading it, and seeing those wonderful illustrations, makes me really feel as if I’ve temporarily left this dimension and been absorbed into one far more beautiful than this one.


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