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Press Repeat, Nothing Changes: A Selection of Seasonal #Tanka Poems

Sun cuts low through trees,
Squirrels burrow under roots,
People chase daylight.
Winter solstice then Christmas
Hibernation ~ if only ~



~National Grid alert~
Christmas stomping on the world:
an unwanted gift
their electricity bill
our indefinite future



Once crowned with a star,
it glittered in the firelight.
Last year’s Christmas tree
dumped, forgotten and homeless,
its chocolate coins melted.



Besieged on all sides,
chimneys whistle, timbers creak–
December gale.
Beyond, in cardboard city,
lie papier-mâché homes.

Tanka #27 — Winter Solstice

Sun Through Winter Trees

Sun cuts low through trees
Squirrels burrow under roots
People chase daylight
Winter solstice then Christmas
Hibernation ~ if only ~

Monday Morning #Haiku 44 — The Vagaries of English Weather

December heatwave

Winter solstice soon.
Weather fakes balmy June day:
Whoops! trees have gone bald.

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