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Monday Morning #Haiku 45 — Wind-sculpted Trees

Hilltop trees

On wild hilltops
lean gnarled trees tied up in knots,
padlocked by gales.

Monday Morning #Haiku 44 — The Vagaries of English Weather

December heatwave

Winter solstice soon.
Weather fakes balmy June day:
Whoops! trees have gone bald.

For The Love Of Haiku 33 “Christmas Tree”

Last minute present,
Daddy’s Christmas Eve bank heist.
He can’t stand shopping.


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Music Passion

My contribution to December’s Music Passion  (which calls for songs with the word wish in the title) is “Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye performed by Gracie Fields to entertain the British troops in World War Two.

I decided to choose a song from the 40s, following a discussion I had yesterday with one of my friends about the pricey presents children expect for Christmas these days, such as electronic goods and designer items, and how they’d look down their noses at the sort of gifts that used to fill us with excitement in our own childhoods.

But going back even further, my friend and I were still privileged compared to the children in wartime Britain. Here is a list of the sort of items they might have found in their Christmas stockings in the 1940s — if they were lucky. Many of them received far less.

one homemade toy
colouring pencils
magic painting book
pack of cards
chocolate bar or sweets
apple, orange, and nuts


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