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Monday Morning #Haiku 44 — The Vagaries of English Weather

December heatwave

Winter solstice soon.
Weather fakes balmy June day:
Whoops! trees have gone bald.

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15 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 44 — The Vagaries of English Weather

  1. love the imagery in both!


  2. Quite a beautiful picture – faking June indeed 😉
    I’m sure this must make dressing a bit of bother 😉
    Here in the Southern tip of Africa, our winters are mostly like that – freezing in the morning, hot enough to wear shirtsleeves during the day and cold again at night.


    • At the moment, I keep going out for walks in the middle of the day and getting overheated because I’m wearing the multitudinous layers I put on first thing, plus a coat. Then come mid-afternoon, the temperature takes a nose-dive again. Obviously we don’t have the extremes of temperature you have in SA, but our UK climate does seem to have changed quite a bit in the last decade.

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  3. Beautiful image of the bald trees, especially with the WP snow falling all around. Love your haiku, as always. 🙂


  4. naked trees revealing all secrets

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  5. Ahh…wonderful this…’Whoops! Trees have gone bald.’ With the falling WP snow, this makes for a beautiful post 🙂

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  6. wow!! love both! that ribbon of light in the photo is wonderful!!

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  7. Here in US it’s gets to be challenging telling one season from the other. Your words vividly expressed that.

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