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Press Repeat, Nothing Changes: A Selection of Seasonal #Tanka Poems

Sun cuts low through trees,
Squirrels burrow under roots,
People chase daylight.
Winter solstice then Christmas
Hibernation ~ if only ~



~National Grid alert~
Christmas stomping on the world:
an unwanted gift
their electricity bill
our indefinite future



Once crowned with a star,
it glittered in the firelight.
Last year’s Christmas tree
dumped, forgotten and homeless,
its chocolate coins melted.



Besieged on all sides,
chimneys whistle, timbers creak–
December gale.
Beyond, in cardboard city,
lie papier-mâché homes.

Neonicotinomide, The Bee Slayer

NFlower Abstract 03 +Beeearly a third of our world’s crops are dependent upon honeybee pollination. Without them, we would have no fruits, vegetables, nuts, or seeds; scarcity of beef or dairy products due to alfalfa crops dying out; no seed oils and, obviously, no honey. We would have to live on a diet of pork and staple grains that depend on wind pollination, such as wheat, rice, and corn.

In 2013, the European Union banned the use of neonicotinomide insecticides on crops for three years due to research linking it to increased bee mortality. Despite this ruling, in the UK the pesticide manufacturer Syngenta is seeking emergency exemption to use this lethal chemical on our fields.

What the hell are they thinking? Haven’t they read the research?

When you have time, do take a look at these articles, and return here with your thoughts and opinions after.

What Our World Would Look Like Without Honeybees

Scientists Discover Key Molecule Linking Neonicotinoids to Honey Bee Viruses

A Global Citizens Report against Big Ag, Big Pharma & Government



For The Love Of Haiku 35 — Winter Cabin

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That winter love shack
threatens ice caps with its heat.
Santa hurries home.


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Tanka #23

bottlenose dolphins
communing underwater
~~~sonic disturbance~~~
oceanic symphony
interrupted by drilling

Protest haiku #1

wooden turkey

Not on the menu,
she stands alone in protest —
a wooden turkey.


February might seem a strange time to write a protest haiku about turkey welfare, but Christmas and Thanksgiving aren’t the only times people eat the meat from these birds. As I post this haiku, there are billions of  turkeys undergoing the torture of factory farming. This happens 365 days a year.

Below are some links to “Compassion in World Farming” and “mscpa angell” — organisations which expose the horrors of this industry and look at ways to improve animal welfare.

Ecological haiku #3


happy bumble bee
garden rockery

Tanka #6


National Grid alert
Christmas stomping on the world
an unwanted gift
their electricity bill
our indefinite future

For the Love of Haiku

Rising sea levels.
Please rescue me, Superman,
from this mad planet.

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An Ecological Haiku (2)

Supermarket shop:
expedition in the rain
buying mud-free veg.


English: Graph showing Human Development Index...

English: Graph showing Human Development Index and Ecological Footprint. The “sustainable” criteria of ecological footprint within global capacity, and human development index above 0.8, is shaded. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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