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#Tanka 32 — Storm

Charcoal clouds from north…
garden locked in somnolence
awaits first raindrops.
Storm hits, its broadside attack
an act of demolition.

Monday Morning #Haiku 107 — Grey

Summer rain

~Horizon smudged grey~
Invisible seagulls squawk
beyond summer rain.

Monday Morning #Haiku 85 — Winter Sun

Sun Through Winter Trees

Winter sun squeezes
low between naked branches
crowned by feathered clouds.

Wordless Wednesday — Sunrise Framed

Sunrise Framed

Monday Morning #Haiku 56 — Mauve & White

Crocuses & Snowdrops

Winter has last fling
Crocuses huddle snowdrops
North wind smothers warmth

Monday Morning #Haiku 51 — Snow Glaze

Snow at First Light

Nightclothes and wellies
Dusting of snow at first light
Birds extra quiet

Monday Morning #Haiku 45 — Wind-sculpted Trees

Hilltop trees

On wild hilltops
lean gnarled trees tied up in knots,
padlocked by gales.

Monday Morning #Haiku 44 — The Vagaries of English Weather

December heatwave

Winter solstice soon.
Weather fakes balmy June day:
Whoops! trees have gone bald.

Monday Morning #Haiku 39 — Passion Flowers

Passion Flowers (November)

November shiver
Passion flowers brave north wind
Hardy extroverts

Wordless Wednesday — Angry Sunrise

Angry Sunrise


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