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Monday Morning #Haiku 195 — Caterpillar

Moth caterpillar…
Wiggle, munch, all legs and hair:
wings, its destiny.


[Image: courtesy of my son, Joshua Munns]

Au Revoir Until September

Taking a break, and will return soon!

Monday Morning #Haiku 60 — Gorse


Protected by spines,
gorse bush stands invincible
against pillagers.

Wordless Wednesday — Sculpted by Southwesterly Gales

Petrified bush


Monday Morning #Haiku 47 — Mist

Bay view from South Downs

Bay shrouded in mist
Lost New Year’s resolutions
Sun fights to break through

Monday Morning #Haiku 46 — Crows


~ Crow community ~
Still, silent, watching, aligned
barbed-wire sentinels.

Monday Morning #Haiku 45 — Wind-sculpted Trees

Hilltop trees

On wild hilltops
lean gnarled trees tied up in knots,
padlocked by gales.

Wordless Wednesday — South Downs, Seaward

South Downs SeawardWordless-Wednesday-Button-150

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