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Monday Morning #Haiku 179 — Still Waters

Natural glitter
No Christmas decorations
Serene December

Monday Morning #177 — Crow (02)

Feathered sentinel
Black sheen competes with blue sheen
Stilled riverside crow

Monday Morning #Haiku 129 — Little Egret (01)


Ghost feathers trick eye …
flurry of autumn snowflakes
is Little Egret

Monday Morning #Haiku 123 — Estuary (02)


~Blue tranquillity~
Coalesce with still river;
watch silver fish leap.

Monday Morning #Haiku 79 — Coast

Cuckmere Haven Clifftops

~ Downland to clifftop ~
In pause between seagull shrieks,
unseen skylarks trill.

Monday Morning #Haiku 75 — Hills

South Downs - Cuckmere

Idyllic roundness
where sky wraps around downland
with clouds of white wool.

Wordless Wednesday — Rockpool Fish & the Art of Camouflage

Fish in Rock Pool at Cuckmere Haven

Wordless Wednesday — Green Telephone Box

Green Telephone Box

I know it’s meant to be Wordless Wednesday, but I couldn’t resist this bit of information.

Most British telephone boxes are painted red, although in 1949 the Royal Fine Arts Commission started allowing green ones in rural areas.

Doubtless, some people consider telephone box spotting as the type of activity enjoyed by an anorak-clad nerd. That being said, you might like to read an article titled Kiosk No 6, which is the history of telephone box styles.

Monday Morning #Haiku 29 — Grey Heron (1)

Grey Heron at Cuckmere Haven

Reflected in lake,
grey heron stands motionless
contemplating fish.

Monday Morning #Haiku 28 — River Estuary

J at Cuckmere Haven

Strides outpace river;
scent of estuary brine
fills lungs. The sea calls.

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