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Monday Morning #Haiku 129 — Little Egret (01)


Ghost feathers trick eye …
flurry of autumn snowflakes
is Little Egret

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12 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 129 — Little Egret (01)

  1. Dale on said:


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  2. Love that image of the ghost feathers – I’d be delighted to see a flurry of snow but just as delighted to see a flurry of egret!

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    • And thanks to your bird identifying skills a few weeks ago, I knew what to call the white bird! I only discovered yesterday that egrets in the heron family. Funnily enough, there was a heron around that day, too. Also a cormorant. Lots of birds out wading and fishing.

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  3. Those feathers do look quite ghost-like Sarah, lovely shot of your beautiful egret. We had snow here a couple of days ago as you know…for all of 5 minutes! xxxxxx

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    • I didn’t know what sort of bird it was when I photographed it, but Andrea Stephenson identified it for me.
      We’ve just had strong winds, driving rain, and the odd rumble of thunder. But our friends up in Manchester awoke to a very white landscape. The snow hasn’t settled for more than a day in the last 3 years where I live. Better not speak too soon. xxxxxxx

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  4. Lovely haiku, and the photograph.

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  5. Simply lovely. 🙂

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