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Monday Morning #177 — Crow (02)

Feathered sentinel
Black sheen competes with blue sheen
Stilled riverside crow

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13 thoughts on “Monday Morning #177 — Crow (02)

  1. Lovely conjuring of the crow and his colours – they always seem like sentinels to me too.

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  2. Another brilliant haiku!

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  3. Smartest bird in the universe, I am convinced. Great line…a sentinel….and I might add majestic!

    Thanks for my taste of poetry this Monday morning! Have a talented day, Sarah!

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    • Yes, indeed they are majestic, but that would take a second haiku to use that word too, so perhaps I’ll save that for another day. Crows are incredibly smart, I agree.

      After my poetry for the day, the rest of my day has been spent talking, first to my chiropodist and then on the telephone for ages to two different people. Between us, we have set the world to rights, which requires a different type of talent to penning nature haiku!

      Wishing you a talented day and week, Bill!


  4. Dale on said:


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  5. Wonderful xxxx

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  6. I loved the picture and your haiku – it inspired me:
    Feathered sentinel
    Blue-black sheen compliments the
    Rippled blue water

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