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Monday Morning #Haiku 179 — Still Waters

Natural glitter
No Christmas decorations
Serene December

Monday Morning #Haiku 175 — Little Egret (02)

Beak points downriver…
Little Egret pleased to wait
until lunch is served

Monday Morning #Haiku 123 — Estuary (02)


~Blue tranquillity~
Coalesce with still river;
watch silver fish leap.

Monday Morning #Haiku 113 — Walkways

Walkways (Ocklynge Manor)

~Midsummer party~
Cool walkways shaded in green.
Separate. Silent.

Monday Morning #Haiku 107 — Grey

Summer rain

~Horizon smudged grey~
Invisible seagulls squawk
beyond summer rain.

Monday Morning #Haiku 104 — Tulips (01)

red tulips

Tulips on parade,
their glory declared in ranks:
Spring’s crimson army.

Monday Morning #Haiku 48 — Seed Beards

Old Man's Beard

Woodland cloaked in white:
invasion of Old Man’s Beard.
Whisker trimming time.


As someone who can’t resist sharing offbeat historical facts, I learned today that the French name for old man’s beard is ‘herbe aux gueux’ (the rascal’s or beggar’s herb).

Apparently, beggars used to rub the acrid sap from this plant on themselves to give their skin a sore and ulcerated appearance, so that passers-by would pity them and cough up donations of money, food, or clothing.

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