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Monday Morning #Haiku 180 — Sunrise (02)

December sunrise
Nature’s answer to Christmas
Heavenly bauble

Monday Morning #Haiku 135 — Autumn Sport


Blackbird plays ball game
with the rising Autumn sun
~End of season match~

Monday Morning #Haiku 83 — Sunrise (01)

chimney pot & rising sun

Morning plays ball-game;
lobs sun over horizon
where ocean meets sky.

Wordless Wednesday — Sunrise Framed

Sunrise Framed

Wordless Wednesday — Succulents Capture Sunrise

Succulents Capture Sunrise


Monday Morning #Haiku 37 — Yellow Blob

Watery Sunrise 01

Watery sunrise
Transient glow soon engulfed
Rooftops slick with rain

Wordless Wednesday: Sunrise over the Sea

Sunrise Over Sea 01

Sunrise Over Sea 02


Wordless Wednesday: Expect Soggy Sheep by 10 a.m.

Red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning.

Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning.


Sun haiku #2


Jewels from heaven
coruscate upon clear glass:
rainfall at sunrise.

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