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#Tanka 32 — Storm

Charcoal clouds from north…
garden locked in somnolence
awaits first raindrops.
Storm hits, its broadside attack
an act of demolition.

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12 thoughts on “#Tanka 32 — Storm

  1. Dale on said:

    Oh so wonderfully done!

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  3. Well we certainly know all about such storms here, and I would call that a perfect description. 🙂 Sun today, though, and it is market day, so off I go.

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    • Wow, you just posted that comment at exactly the same moment as I posted one over on your blog! That’s some coincidence. Enjoy market day and I hope you sell loads of quail eggs and colouring books 🙂


  4. Wonderful! I hope you weathered it! We get a lot of high winds here (with the rain!)

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  5. Lovely transition Sarah – from the sleepy somnolence (great word) to the destruction.

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