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Monday Morning #Haiku 107 — Grey

Summer rain

~Horizon smudged grey~
Invisible seagulls squawk
beyond summer rain.

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23 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 107 — Grey

  1. Love this, Sarah

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  2. kbeezyisviral on said:

    Rain from the heavens is always majestic and mysterious.

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    • That’s a wonderfully positive way of looking at it 🙂 My garden certainly looks extra green and glistening in the aftermath of this morning’s rain, so I’m sure it has done some good.


  3. that’s pretty much what it looks like outside my window this morning. And it’s okay. Some days are sunny, some are rainy. such is life.

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  4. You paint a very wet, gray picture, Sarah. 😕

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  5. Oh yes…Monday was the same here too Sarah. Today, looking to clear up a little with some early evening sun poking through. We had storms and my poor foxglove barely held on 😦 I’ve re-staked it now so hope it will recover. My roses looked rather limp & forlorn too…I know the feeling, ha! But we do love our great British weather…and it gives us your wonderful haikus for any time of the year 🙂 xxxx

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  6. Love this Sarah – our last fortnight or so has been like this!

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    • Thank you, Andrea 🙂 Our next phase down South has been daily thunderstorms. Unfortunately, I don’t have a sophisticated enough camera to capture the fork lightning over the sea, otherwise that would be next week’s haiku prompt!

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  7. wonderful image!! great poem. This is like the west coast of Canada too!


  8. Love this! My morning impressions, exactly 🙂

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  9. Beautiful…

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