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Monday Morning #Haiku 188 — Bud

One daffodil bud
Solitary winter scout
Is it safe to bloom?

Monday Morning #Haiku 139 & 140 — Brush Pile


Dead pile of sticks
masks inner community:
toads, insects, spiders.

Brush pile tangle
haven for songbirds to feast;
no hawks admitted.

Wordless Wednesday — Fatsia japonica, Tropical Berries in a Temperate Garden

Fatsia japonica berries

Wordless Wednesday — As the Labrador Sleeps, Mr Fox Creeps!

Mr Fox Visiting

Some of you might have missed my video of this fox’s close encounter, as a cub, with a certain Labrador. You can watch the video and read the story surrounding it here.

Neglected Structures & Overgrown Places #07 — Front Wall

Front Wall

I’m not sure if the neighbours with pristine front gardens approve of my cracked wall sprouting weeds but I think it has character, like my old G-reg car that’s only washed once every six months and has spider-webs attached to the wing mirrors.

My excuse. I’m a writer, of course, and see art where others see chaos.

Monday Morning #Haiku 23 — Begonias

Dog sniffs begonias

Begonias thrive
amidst decimated plants
devoured by snails.

Wordless Wednesday — Slow worm, the Garden Hero that Eats Slugs!

Slow worm


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