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Neglected Structures & Overgrown Places #07 — Front Wall

Front Wall

I’m not sure if the neighbours with pristine front gardens approve of my cracked wall sprouting weeds but I think it has character, like my old G-reg car that’s only washed once every six months and has spider-webs attached to the wing mirrors.

My excuse. I’m a writer, of course, and see art where others see chaos.

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6 thoughts on “Neglected Structures & Overgrown Places #07 — Front Wall

  1. We could be neighbors! Love your garden.


  2. absolutely delightful Sarah!! I love it when nature does that!! ( I’m still on the road travelling in Ireland right now but was in beautiful Scotland too- I’m glad they are still part of UK today!!)


    • Thank you, Cybele. Good to hear from you. I’m missing you whilst you’re on your travels but glad to know you’re enjoying them. And, yes, also hugely glad that my beloved country is still in one piece. We so need unity in this world, and not further disintegration.


  3. Good excuse Sarah! We have ivy-leaved toadflax and ragwort sprouting from the walls of our yard and it always makes it look prettier.


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