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Monday Morning #Haiku 186 — Mulch

Woodland winter damp
That aroma of leaf mulch
Rich nature unraked

Monday Morning #Haiku 172 — Fungi

In woodland’s dank shade
Summer slides into Autumn
Fungi hosts leaf-drop

Monday Morning #Haiku 161 — Green (2)

Plethora of greens
Embrace the dryad in you
Breathe that verdancy

Monday Morning #Haiku 139 & 140 — Brush Pile


Dead pile of sticks
masks inner community:
toads, insects, spiders.

Brush pile tangle
haven for songbirds to feast;
no hawks admitted.

Friday Fictioneers — Troll

Frost on a stump. Sandra Crook.

The girl stepped out from behind a beech tree, her hair a crest of gold. ‘Over that bridge lies forever-winter.’ Icy breath twirled out of her mouth, although she stood in the sunshine. She pointed towards a frosted glade full of broken stalks, clumped grass, and bedraggled seed-heads, all glazed with frost.

‘It’s in the shade, that’s all,’ I said.

‘I dare you to touch that stump in the middle.’

I crossed the stream and crunched over the white, sure I was heading towards the gnarled remains of an ancient alder tree, until it winked, yawned, and swallowed me whole.


Friday Fictioneers: 100 words stories
Photo Prompt: image (c) Sandra Crook

Wordless Wednesday — Nature’s Tree-bark Art

Rust-coloured fungus

Underside of tree-bark

Tree-bark & lichen

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