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Monday Morning #Haiku 139 & 140 — Brush Pile


Dead pile of sticks
masks inner community:
toads, insects, spiders.

Brush pile tangle
haven for songbirds to feast;
no hawks admitted.

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13 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 139 & 140 — Brush Pile

  1. Love the line ‘masks inner community’

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  2. Several years ago, when we started our urban farm, we almost took our brush pile to the garbage center…until I did some reading and found that pile to be a universe for little critters. Now the pile is five times the size it once was. 🙂 Loved the haiku!

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    • I’ve put in a request for Mister to have a brush pile in our garden, as well as at our allotment. He was just about to have a huge bonfire at the latter. No sticks allowed on it now — just the invasive weeds. As I see it, the more songbirds that are encouraged to visit, the more snails, slugs, and vegetable-destroying beetles will get eaten. Glad you loved the haiku 🙂
      PS My brain is working this week, so the guest post should get written. Have been getting the boring promo stuff out of the way today.


  3. Dale on said:

    An Eco-system in and of itself!
    Love it!

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  4. Love your haiku 🙂 Hope all the critters survive the winter.

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    • Thank you 🙂 Yes, I hope they’ll survive, too. It has been fairly mild where I live, with only a dusting of snow once but mostly the temperature has been above freezing, apart from when my heating broke down between Christmas and the New Year D: My geraniums are still managing to produce new flowers!


  5. Sweet haikus! The imagery is perfect and they made me smile! Hawks not admitted…tee hee. I love the idea of the inner community, too. So sweet and so fun!

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  6. Love this! 🙂


  7. I love the two sides of the story Sarah – the haven for the miniature community and then the feast (and haven) for the birds.

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