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Spring haiku #3 + my 1st video: close encounter of a foxy kind

Cornered by brown dog,
fox cub acquires fighting skills.
Boundary dispute.

This is my first video ever, so please excuse the quality. Today’s learning curve — transferring a video from my camera on to my PC, converting the file from AV1 to wmp, and uploading it on to YouTube. Now I know how to do these three things, I can dream about making a book promotion video in the next couple of years. (note: that last statement is an example of positive thinking)

You’ll see from video that my dog and the cub begin by having a long staring contest, followed by a confrontation that’s all bark and no bite. From watching this feisty cub close up, I’ve decided wild animals, even when they’re five-weeks’ old, are not sweet and cuddly things. Just nobody put their fingers near a cub’s mouth, or you might come away minus a few digits.

I telephoned the local animal rescue people to check whether they needed to move the cub to safety, but they said leave it for 12 hours as the mother vixen is probably moving her litter one-by-one and has deposited her cub in a safe place (bad choice) and will return to collect her cub later. Good news, she collected her cub by midday, so I don’t have to contend with another sleepless night while my dog overturns chairs in the kitchen and bays through the kitchen window at foxes crossing her territory to move dens. Let’s hope the vixen has finished transporting her cubs now, and doesn’t decide to deposit another one behind my garden shed this evening. And just so you can all go “ah, isn’t it sweet” here is a still I took of the cub.


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17 thoughts on “Spring haiku #3 + my 1st video: close encounter of a foxy kind

  1. boneland on said:

    Poor baby looks very stressed. Your dog is a lot better behaved than mine would be in that situation! I’d have had to drag him back inside before he demolished the fence, though I don’t think he’d have actually harmed the cub. Glad its mum was ok and came back for it.


  2. It is very sweet 😉
    Noise and hullabaloo notwithstanding!!


  3. And congrats on the first video – well done!!!


  4. Reblogged this on First World Problems of a Lap Dog and commented:
    I’ve heard some people say that I look like a fox. I don’t see a difference.


    • Thanks for reblogging my video. Foxes are really flourishing in the UK since they banned fox-hunting. Looking like a fox and smelling like one are two different things! I think other dogs would know the different 😉


  5. Awwwwww 🙂

    Im so pleased she came and picked him up!



  6. Well done, Sarah. I loved the video. I’m so glad the cub was safe and you now have some peace. 🙂


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  8. so glad mom came back!!


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