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Monday Morning #Haiku 186 — Mulch

Woodland winter damp
That aroma of leaf mulch
Rich nature unraked

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11 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 186 — Mulch

  1. Nicely evocative. xxxxx

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  2. That smell is the aroma of life, and I love it. Spread it around the garden and half your work is done for the summer crops. Hmmm….great fragrance of nature.

    So much in so few words….brilliant!

    Have a magnificent Monday, dear friend.

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    • I love all those natural smells. They’re so much better than air freshners and synthetic perfumes. And here we are in January, smelling the promise of all our future crops. Planting time soon 🙂

      You have a magnificent Monday, too, dear friend. I also hope your weather is as beautiful as mine is today. After days of grey and rain, I could feel the sun’s warmth on my face. It was sublime 🙂


  3. Dale on said:

    And soooooo far away in this area of the globe!!

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  4. I can smell it just reading these words Sarah!

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