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Monday Morning #Haiku 187 & #Tanka 36 — Cliffs

Limpet clamped to rock
Centre of its universe
Cliffs irrelevant

Humans dice with death;
rocks only fall on others
’til they fall on you.
Eroded by wind and waves,
cliffs house skeletons galore.

Monday Morning #Haiku 176 — Sea Treasure

Pebble-weed circlet…
Ebb tide find, a Mermaid’s crown
stolen by storm thief!

Monday Morning #Haiku 175 — Little Egret (02)

Beak points downriver…
Little Egret pleased to wait
until lunch is served

Monday Morning #Haiku 125 — Seaweed

Seaweed slime

~A saline slimescape~
Slip, slide, squelch. Dice with balance
on greened beach pebbles.

#Tanka 30 — Currents

Fish rock

September tide leaps,
seawater swirls in sunlight,
rocks turn into fish.
Boy eats fish and chips on beach,
dive-bombed by swirling seagulls.

Wordless Wednesday — Erosion

Fishermen's cottages, Cuckmere Haven

Monday Morning #Haiku 27 — Estuary (01)


Holiday season
Whole coastline sparkles silver
Pebbles deter hordes

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