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Monday Morning #Haiku 60 — Gorse


Protected by spines,
gorse bush stands invincible
against pillagers.

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14 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 60 — Gorse

  1. Haha…nothing like that prickly gorse to keep those pesky pillagers away – weve got some at the end of our front garden 😉 So much beauty around just now, and I have to tell you Sarah, ever since I commented on your wild primrose, I’ve seen loads of it all around the countryside, growing on verges, everywhere! As if they all suddenly came out at once, and just so gorgeous! Daffodils too still so prolific. A gorgeous spring to behold. Have a lovely week…I’ll reply asap 🙂 xxxx


    • I have loads of shrubs with yellow flowers in bloom in my garden just now, although there are touches of Spring blue flowers coming into bloom this week. I took some photos of my first forget-me-nots, periwinkles, and bluebells this morning. Perhaps my Wordless Wednesday will be a display of happy blues 🙂 You have a lovely week, too, Sherri. xxxx

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  2. Oh this took me right back to the 1960’s when we lived close to a park where gorse bushes abounded. 🙂 Beautiful post, Sarah.

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  3. The gorse bushes are luminous at the moment, thorns filled with beauty!

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  4. I love the idea of plants defending themselves which of course they do!! Lovely image too.

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  5. So happy I came across your blog via a mutual blogger! I love the eclectic feel of it and am really enjoying your writing and photography. Looking forward to reading more! 🙂

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