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Monday Morning #Haiku 178 — Autumn Leaves (02)

Leaves tinged by autumn
Still glued to tree after storm
Stubborn to the last

Monday Morning #Haiku 124 — Teasels


Riverside teasels,
brown, dry, rooted on chalk ridge
where skylarks swoop low.

Monday Morning #Haiku 122 — Sweet Chestnuts


~Sweet chestnut cases~
Summer slides into Autumn:
leaf-fall, fire-crackle.

Monday Morning #Haiku 78 — Old Nests

Chimney pot Isle of Wight

Work for chimney sweeps
Pots plugged with Spring nest debris
Birds long gone ~ Autumn.

Wordless Wednesday — Branching Out Into Alligators

Alligator branch


Wordless Wednesday — South Downs, Seaward

South Downs SeawardWordless-Wednesday-Button-150

Monday Morning #Haiku 41

Crab apple

Leaves fallen, fruit gone;
just one golden crab apple
steals the limelight.

Wordless Wednesday — British Butterfly, November (Global Warming?)

Vanessa atalanta (Red Admiral)

Vanessa atalanta (Red Admiral)


Wordless Wednesday — Toilet for Woodland Folk ;-)

Toilet for Woodland Folk


Monday Morning #Haiku 39 — Passion Flowers

Passion Flowers (November)

November shiver
Passion flowers brave north wind
Hardy extroverts

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