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Monday Morning #Haiku 194 — Tulips (03)

Multicoloured splurge
That declaration of Spring
~In love with tulips~


Monday Morning #Haiku 151 — Tulips (02)

Tulip sweet delight
Assortment of bold colours
Nature’s candy mix

Monday Morning #Haiku 150 — Sunbathing

This week’s haiku is dedicated to all of my blogging friends across the Pond whose skies are shrouded in grey. Sending you hugs, smiles, and spring cheer from the South of England 🙂 

Honeybee sunbathes,
double petal daffodil
its yellow lilo.

Monday Morning #Haiku 145 — Wild Violets


Shyness overcome,
violets velvet the grey
of February.

Wordless Wednesday — Narcissus Jamboree


Monday Morning #Haiku 87 — Periwinkles

azure periwinkles

January warmth
Azure periwinkles bloom
Midwinter faux spring

Monday Morning #Haiku 65 — Sunshine Flowers

Apricot Rose

~ Marigolds, roses ~
Flame coloured petals ablaze
Substitute for sun

Monday Morning #Haiku 64 — Clematis

Clematis & Snail

Slime versus beauty
Snail rests in clematis
Temporary truce

Wordless Wednesday — Member Of The Flower Appreciation Society

Chocolate Labrador Retriever Sniffs Tulips

Monday Morning #Haiku 60 — Gorse


Protected by spines,
gorse bush stands invincible
against pillagers.

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