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Monday Morning #Haiku 166 — Petunias (02)

Good year no snails
Petunia profusion
Stripes dizzy the eye

Monday Morning #Haiku 144 — Azalea


Kitchen windowsill…
Lone azalea flower
ahead of the game.

Sunny July’s Allotment Produce & Garden Flowers

Sunny July's Allotment Produce & Garden Flowers

Wordless Wednesday — Photo shoot: Ms Labrador versus Ms Marguerite

Marguerite & Dog-face

Take One: Ms Labrador’s Long Eyelashes versus Ms Marguerite’s Shapely Leaves


Take Two: Ms Labrador’s Sleek Coat versus Ms Marguerite’s Sequinned Wet-look


Take Three: Ms Labrador's Breakfast Break, Ms Marguerite's Triumph

Take Three: Ms Labrador’s Breakfast Break versus Ms Marguerite’s Star Turn

Monday Morning #Haiku 71 — Pot Plants

Pot Plants on Table

On tabletop stage
Gaggle of assorted plants
Dressed in bright petals

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