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Monday Morning #Haiku 166 — Petunias (02)

Good year no snails
Petunia profusion
Stripes dizzy the eye

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12 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 166 — Petunias (02)

  1. I used to grow Petunias religiously. Loved the various colors. Now, it’s all about things we can eat, but I do miss the colors. Thanks for sharing yours with me.

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  2. They look like some kind of strange humbug, vibrant and cheery.

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  3. Dale on said:

    I had to look up humbug! And yes, they do look like them! Pretty and deliciously colourful!

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  4. Beautiful stripes too xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  5. So beautiful! Each year, I typically plant purple and pink ones. I love them. But these striped ones are wonderful! 🙂

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    • They are wonderful, and seem to go on forever. So far, it’s been two months of continuous flowering, with many more blooms on the way 🙂 I buy them every year, although this is the first time I’ve found any yellow-striped maroon ones!

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