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#Tanka 34 — In Memoriam

Words in a tangle,
the rose so perfect now gone;
she, whom we cherished.
Her petals drift heavenward
into the hands of angels.

Monday Morning #Haiku 166 — Petunias (02)

Good year no snails
Petunia profusion
Stripes dizzy the eye

My Own Peaceful Corner of England

Back garden June (01)

Back garden June (03)

Back garden June (02)

Garden patio

Outside the Kitchen Door -- my favourite place for peaceful contemplation

Monday Morning #Haiku 108-110 — Peonies


~little girl transformed~
Peony hair ornament
decorates princess.

~young woman transformed~
Peony wedding bouquet
matches her lipstick.

~old woman transformed~
Peony blooms in garden
trigger memories.

Monday Morning #Haiku 71 — Pot Plants

Pot Plants on Table

On tabletop stage
Gaggle of assorted plants
Dressed in bright petals

Monday Morning #Haiku 69 — Petunias (01)

Petunias 02

Striped petunias
Parasols in flower pots
Shelter elves from sun

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