Friday Fictioneers — Uncle Bogeyman


“If you don’t behave yourself, the bogeyman will come and get you.”

Toby sat up in his bed hugging his knees, his back pressed to the headboard. The only comfort was his old bear, pressed against his belly, out of sight behind his legs’ defensive drawbridge. “Bogeyman? No.”

“He’s outside, lurking in the shadows, hungry for you. Move over now. Let your uncle in for a hug.”

Uncle Rob’s ragged breath stinks of old rugs and tobacco. He tugs at the drawbridge with pudgy hot hands. “Shush! Stop blubbering. This is our secret. I’ll call the bogeyman if you tell.”


Friday Fictioneers: 100 word stories
Photo prompt: copyright © Shaktiki Sharma

Friday Fictioneers — When Bambi’s Mother Died


‘That boy of yours is a regular faucet. Tell him to man himself up.’

‘He’s your boy, too.’

‘No, he’s a cry baby. He can’t be mine.’

‘Are you accusing me of having slept around?’

‘Just shut him up, will you?’

‘I asked you a question.’

‘Be a good girl. Make me a cup of tea.’

‘You’re so much your father’s son.’

‘I just want some quiet.’

‘And a repressed son, who keeps his emotions under wrap.’

‘A thirty-year-old crying over Disney movies?’

‘Sensitivity is good.’

‘Not if you drown in your own tears.’

‘Sadly, your tap jammed years ago.’


Friday Fictioneers: 100 word stories
Photo Prompt: image © Madison Woods


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