Friday Fictioneers — When Bambi’s Mother Died


‘That boy of yours is a regular faucet. Tell him to man himself up.’

‘He’s your boy, too.’

‘No, he’s a cry baby. He can’t be mine.’

‘Are you accusing me of having slept around?’

‘Just shut him up, will you?’

‘I asked you a question.’

‘Be a good girl. Make me a cup of tea.’

‘You’re so much your father’s son.’

‘I just want some quiet.’

‘And a repressed son, who keeps his emotions under wrap.’

‘A thirty-year-old crying over Disney movies?’

‘Sensitivity is good.’

‘Not if you drown in your own tears.’

‘Sadly, your tap jammed years ago.’


Friday Fictioneers: 100 word stories
Photo Prompt: image © Madison Woods


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