“Desiccation” on Offer This Weekend #kindledeals #Freereadstoday

This weekend I’m in the mood to give away yet another freebie to entertain people during lockdown. This follows on my free eBook deal three weeks ago. Many thanks for all those lovelies who downloaded Noah Padgett and the Dog-People onto their Kindles, and also to those who decided to buy the paperback version instead 🙂

The Kindle free offer for my novel Desiccation is for today and tomorrow (June 6-7) worldwide on Amazon. Here’s my Booklinker url that should work for most of you (myBook.to/QuirkyLit). If not, just go and type the book title and my name into the Amazon search bar.

Desiccation (published in 2015) is a mix of science fiction and urban fantasy suitable for anyone over the age of thirteen. As with my Noah Padgett novel, I suspect that most of my readers have been adults, despite it being listed as a young adult novel.

See below my blurb for Desiccation, as shown on my Amazon product page…


In 1967, mayhem erupts at an elite English boarding school.

The head girl Samantha is a sociopath, determined to exploit every loophole in the system. After her venture to set up a nocturnal brothel in the gymnasium proves a flop, she invites a disgruntled customer – mod gang-leader, Joe – to a midnight séance in the library. But she hasn’t bargained on his becoming the conduit for a powerful malign force bent upon the destruction of worlds.

The teachers and pupils soon undergo extreme personality changes and develop a hive mentality, determined to ensnare everyone into its collective conscience. When science scholarship girl Janet fights back, she becomes the despised outsider, shunned by the hive but stalked by the head girl, who no longer speaks in her own voice but that of the delinquent mod Janet has seen hanging around the school.

In mortal terror and with her credulity already stretched to the limit, can she throw her trust upon the hippie pixie that lives in a gargantuan psychedelic toadstool behind the school swimming pool and who claims he’s an expert in repairing interdimensional rifts?

Author: Sarah Potter Writes

Sarah is a British eccentric who writes offbeat fiction, haiku and tanka poetry. When stuck for words, she sketches or paints instead. She's into nature conservation, sustainability, gardening, dogs, natural health, and reading. Her sociability is something that happens in short bursts with long breathing spaces in between.

14 thoughts on ““Desiccation” on Offer This Weekend #kindledeals #Freereadstoday”

  1. Without a Kindle reader I am forced 🙂 to purchase the paperback, which I will do this weekend.
    A lovely offer by a lovely person. I hope this finds you well, safe, and happy, my friend. Take care and I’ll catch you down the road of life.

    Hugs and blessings


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    1. Thank you, dear Bill. That’s so sweet of you. I think you’ll enjoy it. There are some truly creepy happenings in it, alongside some moments of light refreshment. The setting is based on the school I attended back in the 1960s, although nothing nearly as exciting or freaky happened there. It was very dull in comparison.

      Lots of hugs and blessings coming your way.



  2. I’m biased of course, as I read this book early on (beta stage, IIRC), but for those who haven’t: it’s a cracking good read with strong female characterization and interesting, intricate plotting. As a side benefit, it gives you insight into the educational system in GBR as well (for those of us outside the UK) and authentic 1960s lingo and situations. Sarah is a talented writer to watch–and do purchase her work whenever you can!

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    1. Oh, wow, Leigh! What a fab endorsement. Thanks so much. And of course, you did such a wonderfully helpful and detailed beta read for me, for which I’m forever grateful.

      Hope you and your family are surviving these rather fraught and alarming times. Keep safe and keep well.


    1. Thanks, Andrea. Yes, I think anything that helps people escape in their minds from lockdown is good, although I believe there are a few bestselling novels around at the moment that have viruses and lockdown as their main themes. How people like to torture themselves!

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