Monday Morning #Haiku 173 & 174 — Estuary (03)

Breeze plays on boat masts
a tune of distant wind chimes:
estuary peace.

Breeze ripples water
traversed by sun-silvered path.
Clouds trill with skylarks.

Author: Sarah Potter Writes

Sarah is a British eccentric who writes offbeat fiction, haiku and tanka poetry. When stuck for words, she sketches or paints instead. She's into nature conservation, sustainability, gardening, dogs, natural health, and reading. Her sociability is something that happens in short bursts with long breathing spaces in between.

23 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 173 & 174 — Estuary (03)”

  1. Dear Sarah,

    I love “clouds trill with skylarks.” ๐Ÿ˜€ Very picturesque. Love the photos, too. It all made me want to sit on the beach and watch the waves. Although I don’t usually sit on a beach. I’m more wont to dive in. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Lovely haiku.

    Shalom and Happy Monday,


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    1. Dear Rochelle,

      I took those two pictures when I disappeared off for a week at the end of August to the Isle of Wight. It really was a very perfect day, filled with laughter, light and peace, as we wandered around a nature reserve. Hardly a car to be heard, or any planes. So unusual these days. Like medicine for the soul.

      All best wishes for a happy week.



  2. So beautiful, Sarah. I, too, could sit for hours, meditatively, watching sparkles off the water and listening to the “mast wind chimes”

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    1. Thanks Dale ๐Ÿ™‚ I think that we all need to find space to contemplate. This morning I was drawn to the great outdoors yet again. Despite the background hint of Autumn in the air, the sun was quite hot on my face as I stood down at the shoreline, looking out at the sparkling sea. And when I got home, I did some gardening. My computer time has shrunk down temporarily but will increase again when things turn grey for weeks on end!


      1. I know what you mean. Writing has taken a back stage for me, much to my chagrin .
        Here, it is ridiculously hot and humid. Today’s humidex at 33!
        I’m off to sweat…. I mean work…

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      2. I’ve been wondering about participating in National Novel Writing Month in November. It’s not something I’ve done before but, like a sick computer, I need a hard reboot to get me novel-writing again!
        Enjoy your sweat ๐Ÿ˜‰ Today is the first day for ages that my hair hasn’t frizzed due to humidity.


      3. Ha Ha! Poor Frizzy!
        I am going to attempt it as well – for the 3rd time – hopefully this time I do way better

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