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Monday Morning #Haiku 173 & 174 — Estuary (03)

Breeze plays on boat masts
a tune of distant wind chimes:
estuary peace.

Breeze ripples water
traversed by sun-silvered path.
Clouds trill with skylarks.

#Tanka 31 — The Island

Yaverland Beach (V&M)

Wind and waves carve rock,
reshaping island coastline.
~Years become aeons~
Shadows, reflections, echoes
call to lovers across time.

Monday Morning #Haiku 105 — Seashore

Rocks at lowtide

Seaweed-slime coats rocks
Wet sand squeezes between toes
The ebbing tide calls

Wordless Wednesday — Last Week’s Trip to the Isle of Wight

Wightlink Passenger Ferry

On the Isle of Wight Ferry

Union Street, Ryde

Union Street, Ryde


My lovely daughter, Vanessa


Wordless Wednesday — Movie Stars’ Retreat, Baa [bah] Humbug!

Wallace & Shaun the Sheep


Neglected Structures & Overgrown Places #05 — Awaiting Reconstruction

House For Reconstruction (front)

House for Reconstruction (back)

Site Notice 2

Wordless Wednesday — Finding Heaven in Quarr Abbey Tea Garden:-)

Scone at Quarr Abbey Tea Garden

Quarr Abbey 1


You can read a review of Quarr Abbey Tea Garden in Matt and Cat’s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide and to learn more about the Benedictine monastery itself, you might like to visit the Quarr Abbey website

Wordless Wednesday — Pet Dragon for Sale, Plus Dusty Old Fire Extinguisher

Isle of Wight dragon

Old Fire Extinguisher


Wordless Wednesday: Bin-bag Knight Guards His Village Against Marauders (Tourists)




Wordless Wednesday — Humpty Dumpty Dices With Death :D




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