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Wordless Wednesday — Crossing-out The Planet With Contrails

Vapour Trails Early  morning

Vapour Trails Early morning #2

As this is meant to be a “Wordless Wednesday” post, I’ll let someone else do the talking here! You might like to click on NASA’s link Contrail Science to learn what they have to say about this form of air pollution.

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10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday — Crossing-out The Planet With Contrails

  1. Speaking of air pollution, I hope you weren’t too badly affected last week when it hit quite badly in the South East? Not good 😦

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    • My eyes were a bit sore, but nothing else. Someone who works as a coast guard said they saw a yellow bank of smog off-shore. Mister reckons this is what I’ve caught on camera in my first picture taken that day. It looks like the sky at sunrise but it was taken about 2 hours after that. Who knows? There I was concentrating upon high-up pollution, when there was some right under my nose! I know the smog didn’t effect us as badly as they predicted, but decided to have a go at London instead.

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      • That’s what I wondered as I wasn’t sure when you took the photos, but thought that was timely since your post was about pollution! So glad you didn’t get it too badly…but bad for London I think 😦

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  2. Hope the yellow smog has lifted! Clear skies here in sunny Wales 🙂


  3. Funnily enough I never thought of contrails as pollution, probably because they’re usually so pretty!

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  4. argghh- lovely but concerning!!!

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  5. Beautiful Sarah.

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