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My #Tanka is Writ!

Divorce papers served
on disgraced Linux PC
~ anti-Valentine ~
Good riddance to bad rubbish;
new beast moving in Sunday.

PS I did love you once, until you trashed my work and sat there on my desk staring back at me out of a vacant monitor.

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6 thoughts on “My #Tanka is Writ!

  1. Oh you poor thing.


  2. hmm, I know that Look! c


  3. Directed at man or PC?


  4. I love this! Best wishes to you and the newcomer!


    • The newcomer is great and I mean to keep it clean, tidy, and organised. Have made a good start by making folders so I know where to find quickly.

      At this very moment, Mister is in another room laboriously working through the multiple files in downloads on his PC to see which are worth keeping. From the exasperated sighs coming from his office, I don’t think he’s finding it a very edifying experience. And I’m sitting here all smug, knowing that there isn’t a single file in my downloads.


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