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Winter haiku


~ Properties to Let ~
Views across the shrubbery:
empty snail shells.

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3 thoughts on “Winter haiku

  1. I am just looking at those houses and I think they are probably not as damp as our back bedroom.


    • I know that feeling. Our house faces south at the front and gets all the salt-laden gales battering it, so a constant fight against mould — especially as some pointing on our brickwork is seriously overdue. Then at the back it gets damp in corners of rooms where the sun never reaches. Glad to have a roof over my head.

      For me, it always puts things in perspective thinking about people driven out of their homes by flooding, or the already homeless trying to seek shelter in all that horrendous rain. We have a good thing in our town where, between the months of October and March, seven churches on a rota offer overnight shelter, food, and companionship — one church per night.

      Did you see what Gary B said on FB re the haiku? That the fairies already lived there. Made me laugh 🙂


      • Yes at least my damp only causes mould to grow and could be fixed by new flashing. It is not coming up from the bottom and destroying everything I own.

        Hope you are feeling better. I will check FB now.


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