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Wordless Wednesday — Playing Hide & Seek

Sarah (Friston Manor Gardens)

Monday Morning #haiku 73 — Hibiscus (“Denim Revolution”)

Hibiscus (Denim Revolution)

Sunshine expected
Hibiscus dressed in denim
Never mind the rain

Peripheral Vision – out now on Amazon.

Sarah Potter Writes:

I had the honour of reading the penultimate draft of David Milligan-Croft’s novel prior to publication. It’s an extremely well-written and moving story. Had to dab my eyes on and off and sometimes I wanted to wring the main protagonist, Danny Kane’s neck when he went off the rails big-time, but it was a most believable story — shades of Donna Tartt, even!

Congratulations, David, and wishing you all the best.

Originally posted on Thereisnocavalry:

I know it’s only been a wet weekend since I published Ten Orbits of the Sun, but here is my latest offering, Peripheral Vision.

It’s a gritty, visceral and heartbreaking coming-of-age novel, about a young lad growing up in the north of England in the 1970s.

Here’s the blurby bit:

After being blinded in one eye by his abusive father, Peripheral Vision tells the story of 11-year-old Danny Kane growing up in 1970s northern England. His violent upbringing results in his descent into a life of drugs and crime. As he reaches adulthood he realises that the only way out of his spiralling slide into perdition is to find the one thing that he treasured most – his childhood friend, Sally, who was taken into care after the death of her mother. Can the search for his long-lost love lead to Danny’s redemption?

It tackles themes such as…

View original 83 more words

Poll 01: Choice of Book Size #Indie Publishing

At the moment, I’m exercising my brain about which Paperback trim size to choose for my urban fantasy novel, Desiccation, which is about 65,000 words in length. For a comparison, this is about 5,000 words longer than Stephen King’s novel, Carrie.

On Amazon’s Create Space there are two sizes suggested for Trade Paperback novels: either 5″ X 8″ or “6 X 9”.

I’ve read in a couple of forums that if you choose 6″ X 9″ as the trim size, the book will have fewer pages and therefore cost less to produce, improving the profit margin for the author. But I’m thinking that maybe if 5″ X 8″ is more popular with readers, there’s a good chance that authors who opt for this size earn more because their sales are much higher.

I need to reach a decision about trim size soon, to firm up the specifications for the artist designing my book cover (more about this later).

And so, to end my procrastination, please could all you lovely people measure the width and height of your preferred front covers and vote in the poll below.

Thank you, so much :-)



Wordless Wednesday — Rockpool Fish & the Art of Camouflage

Fish in Rock Pool at Cuckmere Haven

Monday Morning #haiku 72 — Nature In Abeyance

Friston Manor

Stone deities guard
manicured strip of garden:
Weeds, pests, shoes banished.

Wordless Wednesday — Female Roe Deer Feasts At Bird Table

Roe Deer Feasts At Birdtable

~ Image, courtesy of  a family member ~
Many thanks to “Anon” for allowing me to share this beautiful capture :-)

Monday Morning #haiku 71 — Crow

Crow in Treetop

From topmost branches,
crow contemplates his kingdom:
plans his next flight path.

Summer Moods #Tanka

Garden bowl

Petals float in bowl
Portal to another world
~pink tranquility~
Children rush around playground
Crimson exhilaration

Wordless Wednesday — Redcurrant Punnet or Jewellery Box?


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