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Monday Morning Haiku #83 — Sunrise

chimney pot & rising sun

Morning plays ball-game;
lobs sun over horizon
where ocean meets sky.

Wordless Wednesday — Happy Donkeys


Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary


Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary

The Proof of the Pudding is in the Reading #Indie publishing

Proof Copy of Desiccation

The proof copy of my urban fantasy novel Desiccation has arrived! Here I am posing in front of my bookshelf that’s populated with the works of all those literary greats who have inspired me to write.

When I showed the book to my son, Joshua, he inspected the front and back cover, browsed through a page or two (just like someone visiting a shop or library) and declared, “Wow, it looks like a real book!”

I am so excited. But now to stay level and proofread it through with absolute concentration. The formatting looks good, but there might still be a sneaky little typo hiding somewhere.

My eBook version is ready, but waiting for conversion to html after I’m sure there are no typos in the paperback copy.

Then it’s all systems go.

But before  cracking on with the last stage, I’m taking a breather until next Tuesday to spend time doing something other than book-related stuff.

Am exhausted, but jubilant…

See you all next week xxxx

Wordless Wednesday — Medlar Pear Tree

Mystery Tree

Monday Morning Haiku #82 — Pampas Grass

Pampas Grass

Ornamental grass
feathers November skyline:
shifts focus from grey.

Friday Fictioneers — Discarded Vegetable


You’ve agreed with each other, five years is long enough. Your voices  tunnel through my ears into my bruised brain.

The doctor says, “If by some miracle your mother regains consciousness, she’ll be a vegetable.”

What sort? A carrot, cabbage, or potato? Fried, roasted, half-baked, perhaps? Indeed, you’ve decided to uproot me from this life and cast me into the earth like a shriveled pod.

Foolish you, discussing your inheritances while standing at my bedside.

When you leave, I’m going to perform a double miracle and you won’t see me for the dust, my discarded  life-support tubes your constant reminder.


Friday Fictioneers: 100 word stories
Prompt: image (c) Connie Gayer (Mrs Russell)

Wordless Wednesday — Photo shoot: Ms Labrador versus Ms Marguerite

Marguerite & Dog-face

Take One: Ms Labrador’s Long Eyelashes versus Ms Marguerite’s Shapely Leaves


Take Two: Ms Labrador’s Sleek Coat versus Ms Marguerite’s Sequinned Wet-look


Take Three: Ms Labrador's Breakfast Break, Ms Marguerite's Triumph

Take Three: Ms Labrador’s Breakfast Break versus Ms Marguerite’s Star Turn

Monday Morning Haiku #81 — Spiderwebs

Spiderwebs in mist

Air weighted with damp.
Spiderless webs everywhere,
abandoned to mist.

Wordless Wednesday — Rabbits Entertaining Mr Pheasant

Pheasant & Rabbits

~ Image, courtesy of  a family member ~
Many thanks to “Anon” for allowing me to share this fun capture :-)

Monday Morning Haiku #80 — Autumn Leaves

Virginia Creeper leaves on Grass

Leaves shout their colours.
Flushed, they demand attention,
dying in glory.

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