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Monday Morning Haiku #32 — Double Rainbow

Double Rainbow 2

First glance, one rainbow.
Look closer, double your luck
with two pots of gold.


According to Irish mythology, there’s a pot of gold rainbow belonging to a leprechaun (fairy) at the end of each rainbow, although first you must catch the leprechaun to find the pot. But before you have a go, you best assess your chances of succeeding by clicking on this link

The good news is that, even if you don’t catch the elusive little blighter, rainbows are meant to bring you luck.

Friday Fictioneers: Lost and Found


Rachel walked the rectangles of water, hoping to find a cure for old age. The featureless shallows surrounded by stark rock symbolised her brain. Lost memories and hardened blood vessels. If only she could see her reflection in these pools, her emptiness would vanish along with her wrinkles.

Today, Rachel’s face seemed closer to the water than ever, her spine bent double where the landscape had leached the minerals from her bones. For a second, in the white sun, she glimpsed a mirrored child, before walking over the edge and tumbling into the pools below along with her recaptured memory.


A big thank you Rochelle Wisoff for this weeks photo prompt. This is my first contribution to Friday Fictioneers, a story of exactly 100 words in length. To find out how you can join in with the weekly flash fiction challenge and to read other people’s stories to go with the image above, do visit Rochelle’s blog.

Neglected Structures & Overgrown Places #07 — Front Wall

Front Wall

I’m not sure if the neighbours with pristine front gardens approve of my cracked wall sprouting weeds but I think it has character, like my old G-reg car that’s only washed once every six months and has spider-webs attached to the wing mirrors.

My excuse. I’m a writer, of course, and see art where others see chaos.

Wordless Wednesday — Allotment Harvest

September Harvest Allotment 2014

Monday Morning Haiku #31– From the Puppy’s Perspective

Puppy in garden

Blissful innocence.
World of possibilities
within one garden.

Hogwarts School of Wizardry, I Wish!

Inspired by Leigh Ward-Smith’s entertaining post Six-Word Stories: On School, I’m going to share with you twenty-one six-word memories of the girls-only boarding school I attended. Why twenty-one? Because that’s my age … hah, hah, I wish. You won’t see me cross my heart and hope to die on that score.

All girls school torture for tomboys.

School tuck box. Lemon sherbets. Toffees.

Not on diet. Pudding third helpings.

Playing vinyl records on portable player.

Terror of lacrosse and hockey sticks.

Sadistic sports teachers with hairy legs.

Sent out of chapel for giggling.

Bogey up French teacher’s nose distracts.

English teacher sings Joan Baez songs.

Art class. Life drawing resembles Queen.

Swearing. Mouth washed out with soap.

Performance nerves. Messes up school concert.

Headache, tears of frustration over algebra.

Slide rules. No calculators. Mental arithmetic.

Writing science fiction instead of studying.

Midnight. Reading banned books by torchlight.

Talking after lights out. Nocturnal detention.

Chicken pox. Mock O-levels in bed.

Blank paper in exams. Time up.

School Prize Day. Nothing for me.

Wishing too late, I’d worked harder.

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Pretty Ugly


I love this rather moving little piece by Tokoni O. Uti, a 17-year-old Nigerian poet and novelist who was born in Lagos has been writing since the age of 11 and achieved publication on Huffington Post, San Diego Free Press, S Magazine, Op-Ed News, Space Bar Magazine, The Brooklyn Reader, Collective Lifestyle Media and the Portsmouth Daily Times.

Originally posted on Beautiful Insanity:

My shallow eyes are beads of honor.
My darkened skin is the epitome of color.
My misshapen feet are the carriers of wonders.
My rounded head is a home of ponders.
My thick lips bring forth wisdom.
My rough hands will build kingdoms.
My kinky hair is crowning glory.
My pretty ugly is a God-told story.

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Neglected Structures & Overgrown Places #06 — Defunct Garden Clock

Garden Clock

I wonder whether this clock ground to a halt at 6.30 in the morning or evening and what time of year it happened. Perhaps it was summer, so the gardener was outside and missed his breakfast or tea as a result. Maybe it gave up the ghost at the same moment as someone died, a bit like the grandfather clock in the well-known song written by Henry Clay in 1876.

Wordless Wednesday — My Ancestral Tartans, Though I be a Southerner ;-)

Ross Tartan

Ross Tartan

Innes Tartan

Innes Tartan (Reid)

On Thursday, 18th September, the people of Scotland will decide if they want to return to political independence from the United Kingdom. The Act of Union was passed in 1800, when ancestors on both sides of my family lived north of the border.

Monday Morning Haiku #30 — Sea-kale


Wholesome sea-kale,
food of ancient mariners.
Protected species.


Please note that in the UK (and probably other countries), it’s illegal to harvest sea-kale that’s growing in the wild.

In the old days, this super-nutritious plant saved the lives of many mariners by helping prevent scurvy, but then Victorian foodies over-harvested sea-kale and now it’s so rare that it has become a protected species. But the good news is that you can buy packets of seeds and grow it in your gardens or allotments.

The ones in the picture above, I found amidst camomile flowers on the shoreline a few miles from my home and this was first time since my childhood that I’ve seen them in their natural habitat.

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