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Sabbatical From Blogging

July Herbaceous Border

Goodbye for July
Battery recharge required
See you in August
Brain about to short-circuit
Writer in need of fresh air

I have had to make a tough call this month as there is so much going on. Apart from the annual three-week local Arts and Culture Festival taking place in my town, life is ultra-busy down the allotment, there are gardens to visit, people to see, a family to keep happy, and a book to finish editing.

My aim is to have my 60s urban fantasy novel ready to go on sale in eBook and paperback form by the end of the year. Yes, I’ve succumbed to persuasion by my writing buddies and my family to self-publish. Will tell you more about this on my return.

Lots of love to you all, my fabulous fellow bloggers. Sarah xxxx

Monday Morning Haiku #71 — Pot Plants

Pot Plants on Table

On tabletop stage
Gaggle of assorted plants
Dressed in bright petals

First Week of Summer #Allotment Produce

Allotment Produce 24th June

Wednesday’s Pickings

Allotment Produce 27th June

Saturday’s Pickings

Wordless Wednesday — How To Extinguish Dragon Fire

Dragon Water Feature

Monday Morning Haiku #70 — Happy Hen

Chicken's dust  bath

Joys of free-range life
Chicken relishes dust bath
Beneath summer skies

My Meet-up With Fellow Blogger, Sherri Matthews

Sherri & Sarah Last Monday, I met up with the wonderful Sherri Matthews who blogs at A View From My Summerhouse.

Sherri and I have become firm emailing friends (the modern equivalent of pen friends) since she appeared as guest storyteller on my blog back in December. I’ve lost count of how many emails we’ve exchanged since then, but they’re probably exceeded the one hundred mark.

Although we live about 150 miles apart — Sussex and Somerset — we’ve discovered that in the past we shared many of the same stamping grounds, which makes it amazing we never crossed paths earlier in our lives; then again, maybe we did walk down the same street, never knowing we would become friends later.

In fact, it’s uncanny how many life coincidences and things we have in common. For example, one of Sherri’s grown up sons lives in the seaside town (these days a city) where I was born and went to school, while her other son lives in the county town where I attended Technical College and, later, where my husband had an antique shop.

Last weekend, Sherri was on one of her regular visits to this county town, which is only 17 miles from my home, and, to my great excitement, stayed on an extra day so we could finally meet.

Much as I suspected, we got along famously and never stopped talking. If anyone were to calculate the number of words shared between us in a few hours, these words would most likely equal the length of a novella! Needless to say, the time flew by far too fast.

Before I sign off, I just want to mention that Sherri hasn’t been able to blog for the past fortnight due to her new laptop breaking down and the retailers taking an age fixing it for her. This has meant she has had to use her old laptop, on which the internet moves slower than a snail. But at least the machine is useable for word-processing, so she can continue working on her memoir. Meanwhile, do check out Sherri’s blog and have a read of her old posts and say “hi”, so she has some lovely comments awaiting her when she returns to blogging in the near future.

Meanwhile, I say three cheers to WordPress for its grand blogging community, where friendships such as mine and Sherri’s are forged :-)

Friday Fictioneers — Alternate Histories, Time to Choose


In 2092, Sergeant Major Sullivan, aged 28, attended the grand opening of a museum housing  previously looted antiquities recaptured from The Enemy. One such antiquity was an ornate, rather hefty cast iron light fixing. During a speech delivered by General Kahn, head of the United European Federation Army, the fixing came away from the ceiling and plummeted down onto Sullivan’s head, killing him outright.

The alternate history was that in 2092, Sullivan attended the same museum opening, but as an enemy operative. Thus, the antiquity killed General Kahn instead and started World War Three.

In 2093, scientists invented a time machine in both alternatives.


Friday Fictioneers: 100 word stories
Photo Prompt: Image © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Wordless Wednesday — Exhausted Bumble Bee Revived By Sugar Water

Bumble Bee drinking sugar water

A spoonful of sugar could help our bees

Monday Morning Haiku #69 — Petunias

Petunias 02

Striped petunias
Parasols in flower pots
Shelter elves from sun

Friday Fictioneers — The Honest Estate Agent

Kitche picture prompt

When you do business with me, you’ll discover I’m the most honest estate agent in the world, which is why I don’t wear a suit and tie.

Sir, Madam, even though this house seems tranquil, it’s my duty to warn you about the poltergeist. Once upset, she bangs pots, hurls dishes around the kitchen, and turns on gas rings in the night, or worse.

You might think it impertinent of me to ask, Mr Johnston, but do you take your turn with cooking and washing up? If the answer is no, forget this house. The poltergeist will give you hell.


Friday Fictioneers: 100 word stories
Photo prompt: image © Raina Ng

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