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Wordless Wednesday — As the Labrador Sleeps, Mr Fox Creeps!

Mr Fox Visiting

Some of you might have missed my video of this fox’s close encounter, as a cub, with a certain Labrador. You can watch the video and read the story surrounding it here.

Monday Morning Haiku #33 — Web Tides (plus a Poll)

Tidings, Blogosphere!
messages in a bottle
at currents’ mercy.

No photo today with my haiku: instead, a few questions for my blog followers and visitors.

Last week I tidied up the widgets in my sidebar,  as well as reorganising the categories and tags to all my posts. It was a time-consuming task but as satisfying as spring-cleaning the house.

This week is about tweaking my content (if necessary) but to do this, I would appreciate your feedback. So today, I’ll begin with a haiku related poll and, if none of my questions quite fit what you want to say, or you would like to enlarge on your answers, please leave a comment. Many thanks :-)

Friday Fictioneers: Titch’s Space Mission

Copyright - Marie Gail Stratford

He had spent months constructing a space-ship console in the kitchen. Each morning, when Ma lay sprawled on the sofa in the next room not recovering from a hangover, Titch reconfigured his glass control levers, filling with empties the slots vacated the night before. Despite Ma never feeding him, he would make a fine astronaut.

Already an expert in drawing up blackcurrant juice from cartons with a syringe, one day soon — probably Sunday — Titch planned to fuel his space-ship from the vein in Ma’s arm, sure she would have enough alcohol in her blood to launch it way beyond the sun.


Image courtesy of Marie Gail Stratford
Friday Fictioneers — 100 word stories 

Neglected Structures & Overgrown Places #08

Old Wrought Iron Bench

As you can see, I’m into the colour green this week and wondered if the person who painted the telephone box (see yesterday’s post) could lend me some paint to  restore my distressed wrought iron garden bench to its former glory.

Wordless Wednesday — Green Telephone Box

Green Telephone Box

I know it’s meant to be Wordless Wednesday, but I couldn’t resist this bit of information.

Most British telephone boxes are painted red, although in 1949 the Royal Fine Arts Commission started allowing green ones in rural areas.

Doubtless, some people consider telephone box spotting as the type of activity enjoyed by an anorak-clad nerd. That being said, you might like to read an article titled Kiosk No 6, which is the history of telephone box styles.

Monday Morning Haiku #32 — Double Rainbow

Double Rainbow 2

First glance, one rainbow.
Look closer, double your luck
with two pots of gold.


According to Irish mythology, there’s a pot of gold rainbow belonging to a leprechaun (fairy) at the end of each rainbow, although first you must catch the leprechaun to find the pot. But before you have a go, you best assess your chances of succeeding by clicking on this link

The good news is that, even if you don’t catch the elusive little blighter, rainbows are meant to bring you luck.

Friday Fictioneers: Lost and Found


Rachel walked the rectangles of water, hoping to find a cure for old age. The featureless shallows surrounded by stark rock symbolised her brain. Lost memories and hardened blood vessels. If only she could see her reflection in these pools, her emptiness would vanish along with her wrinkles.

Today, Rachel’s face seemed closer to the water than ever, her spine bent double where the landscape had leached the minerals from her bones. For a second, in the white sun, she glimpsed a mirrored child, before walking over the edge and tumbling into the pools below along with her recaptured memory.


A big thank you Rochelle Wisoff for this weeks photo prompt. This is my first contribution to Friday Fictioneers, a story of exactly 100 words in length. To find out how you can join in with the weekly flash fiction challenge and to read other people’s stories to go with the image above, do visit Rochelle’s blog.

Neglected Structures & Overgrown Places #07 — Front Wall

Front Wall

I’m not sure if the neighbours with pristine front gardens approve of my cracked wall sprouting weeds but I think it has character, like my old G-reg car that’s only washed once every six months and has spider-webs attached to the wing mirrors.

My excuse. I’m a writer, of course, and see art where others see chaos.

Wordless Wednesday — Allotment Harvest

September Harvest Allotment 2014

Monday Morning Haiku #31– From the Puppy’s Perspective

Puppy in garden

Blissful innocence.
World of possibilities
within one garden.

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