Monday Morning #Haiku 167 & 168 — Grasshoppers (01)

Summer sun burns blue
Grasshoppers take siesta
Too hot to chirrup
Dog swishes meadow
Grasshoppers activated
Their springs uncoil

Sabbatical From Blogging

July Herbaceous Border

Goodbye for July
Battery recharge required
See you in August
Brain about to short-circuit
Writer in need of fresh air

I have had to make a tough call this month as there is so much going on. Apart from the annual three-week local Arts and Culture Festival taking place in my town, life is ultra-busy down the allotment, there are gardens to visit, people to see, a family to keep happy, and a book to finish editing.

My aim is to have my 60s urban fantasy novel ready to go on sale in eBook and paperback form by the end of the year. Yes, I’ve succumbed to persuasion by my writing buddies and my family to self-publish. Will tell you more about this on my return.

Lots of love to you all, my fabulous fellow bloggers. Sarah xxxx