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Monday Morning Haiku #73 — Hibiscus (“Denim Revolution”)

Hibiscus (Denim Revolution)

Sunshine expected
Hibiscus dressed in denim
Never mind the rain

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17 thoughts on “Monday Morning Haiku #73 — Hibiscus (“Denim Revolution”)

  1. Haha…never mind the rain indeed! Beautiful Hibiscus, ready for all weathers, love this Sarah 🙂 xxxx

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    • It’s pelting down today. Poor Hibiscus … looking decidedly bedraggled, her denim in a sorry state. So glad I got to photograph her when she’d only suffered a short burst of rain on her beautiful petals 🙂 xxxx


  2. What a gorgeous colour this hibiscus is dressed in! Love the haiku, Sarah. 🙂

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  3. Dale on said:

    I’ve never seen a denim-colours hibiscus before. Lovely, bedraggled as she is…

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  4. Love the denim metaphor.

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  5. Beautiful flowers and a lovely image to describe them.

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  6. Hi Sarah,
    I just saw this in my writing group newsletter and thought of you. If anyone can come up with a fun techie haiku, it’s you!
    2. Again open worldwide, this comp from ThinkGeek is for techie haiku. Surely if it’s funny, as most entries are, then it’s a senryu? Either way, you could win a $50 ThinkGeek voucher. If a friend or relative does your tech support, as in my case, then giving them the voucher would be a great way to say thank you. Or, you know, you could actually pay them, though that seems a bit extreme. After all, they’re IT people and we’re writers. They have all the money already.

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    • I do quite a lot of my own tech support, but when I’m really stumped, I call on my brilliant computer repair person, Amanda, who refurbished and installed my amazing desktop PC. I see the voucher is in dollars. Not sure if the voucher is valid in the UK. Will check this out, though, Naomi. It sounds fun. Thanks.

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      • Do it for the glory, Sarah! I’m sure there is some kind of provision, as it is an international competition. You are the best haikuist in the world!

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      • Your so sweet, Naomi 🙂 I will ponder a haiku especially, but not force it as the words will hide from me because I’m trying too hard!

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      • I know how that goes! Sometimes it takes a whole day of pacing, groaning, running to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, before I can settle back into writing–especially if it’s an assigned theme.

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      • I’m having that trouble at the moment, trying to write a guest post for one of my other blogging friends. She’s been waiting two or three months now, I think, and I’ve got a complete mental block about it. She’s very patient, though, and is willing to wait until 2017!


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