#Meditation for the Day (02): Components of the Whole

Where is your main focus?
the tree tops, or the sky beyond;
the songs of individual birds, or the bird orchestra;
the breeze on your skin, or the rustling of leaves in the trees;
the aroma of last year’s detritus, or of this year’s verdancy;
the path’s jagged flints, or its earthen firmness.

Or do you focus on the whole?
as a backcloth for your thoughts, or an escape from your thoughts;
as a place of solitude, or a place to share;
as a place to raise your pulse, or a place to lower your pulse;
as a place to seek creative inspiration, or simply a place to be,
as a place from which to zone in, or to zone out.

Who cares to analyse it?
There’s you, there’s me, there’s the woodland,
and it’s one big miracle that we’re all still here,

#Meditation for the Day (01) : How Not To Keel Over

Any attempts to outrun the world are futile
Slowly exhale and empty your lungs
Slowly inhale through your nose for count of four
Hold your breath for slow count of four
Slowly exhale through your mouth for count of four
Repeat sequence until calm
Any attempts to outrun the world are futile

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