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Monday Morning #Haiku 9 — Magnolia

pink and white magnolia trees

trees overhang stream
magnolia petals float
think tranquillity

Magnolia petals in stream

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14 thoughts on “Monday Morning #Haiku 9 — Magnolia

  1. so beautiful pictures….nice post 🙂


  2. Peaceful, tranquil thoughts
    Your words and image convey,
    Joy to start my day.

    Really lovely photo, and beautiful words to match the emotion of the picture. Thanks Sarah.


    • I’m glad you liked it, Phil 🙂

      And I apologise for not listening to your Music Passion “night” song, yet, but have had a shortage of plugs in my office, making it impossible to listen to music on my PC.This is now rectified, so will visit your blog soon for a listen. Also, will come up with a night song of my own.

      Have joyous week.


      • Oh Sarah, no worries at all and no apologies needed. I comment here out of my sheer enjoyment of what you do with no intent to steer you to my own blog. I do admit to looking forward to your selection of music however.

        Do enjoy your week as well! 🙂


  3. Beautiful, just like my walk this morning…


  4. Sublime pics and words, Sarah. 🙂


  5. and I did think it!! Beautiful !!!


  6. So peaceful and pretty!


    • That’s what I thought when I took the photo, Christy 🙂 It’s a shame I didn’t video it, to add to my post the sound effects of the babbling stream, the birds, and the gentle breeze. But I’m sure everyone can imagine those things, just by looking at the pictures.


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