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#Tanka 30 — Currents

Fish rock

September tide leaps,
seawater swirls in sunlight,
rocks turn into fish.
Boy eats fish and chips on beach,
dive-bombed by swirling seagulls.

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20 thoughts on “#Tanka 30 — Currents

  1. Love this scenario! 😃

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  2. Love this Sarah, I was at the beach yesterday and there was an unusually low tide, so lots of things uncovered that aren’t usually seen (oh and I went just for a quiet walk and found myself in the middle of filming for Vera – not quite what I was expecting!)

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  3. Seaside – lovely!

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  4. Sounds like Brighton Beach 🙂 And that really does look like a fish there Sarah, wonderful photo, makes me feel so refreshed, as if I just paddled in the cool water. Your Tanka is very clever, loved the punch line, although I do hope the boy got to finish his fish & chips in peace. Have a wonderful autumn weekend dear Sarah, be in touch very soon! 🙂 xxxx

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    • It’s a bit further along the coast, where the seagulls are no less ferocious and greedy than the Brighton ones! Apparently, seagulls have a problem with the colour red, so if I were to fish and chips on the front, I’d have to put up my red umbrella, even on a sunny day.
      You have a wonderful autumn weekend, too, dear Sherri 🙂 xxxx

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      • Ahh…that’s good then and I didn’t know that about red, will have to remember that when next down on the Brighton sea front 🙂 Thank you dear Sarah…be in touch soon! 🙂 xxxx

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  5. I can smell the salt of the sea–and the fish and chips from here!

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  6. Oh this resonates very strongly, Sarah. Love it!

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  7. perfect picture in words and lovely image!! I thought of all the days of Fish and Chips at the beach!!

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