Artistic Interpretation of Haiku (Picture 4)

If you haven’t already seen the other paintings from this multimedia collection-in-progress, do take a moment to view my previous three ‘Artistic Interpretation of Haiku’ posts.

To learn more about Julian and his art, please visit

As usual, we would appreciate any constructive feedback about our  project.


World Map

Danger lurks in the eyes of the crazed general

who grins as his finger hovers

over the nuclear button.


Danger lurks in the promises made over wine

in sumptuous hotel hideaways

above bunkers built for the rich.


Danger lurks in the hearts of grey-suited men

damning destroyers of forests

while denying them alternatives.


Danger lurks in declarations of world peace

as children die in far-off lands

nameless in their degradation.


Danger lurks in the city streets where we live

as boxed-in children with tired hearts

slump aimless before flashing screens.


Danger lurks in the old eyes of our offspring

who despairing surf the net

in search of a fantasy world.

the boy goes into oblivion

Artistic Interpretation of Haiku (Picture 3)

Here is the third sample picture from a multimedia collaboration between myself and celebrated artist, Julian Sutherland-Beatson.

At this stage, we would very much appreciate feedback about which of the three visual interpretation styles people prefer, especially with regard to where Julian has placed the words of the haiku in relation to the picture.

You can find out more about Julian from my two earlier posts this week, and by visiting

Artistic Interpretation of Haiku (Picture 2)

This is the second of three samples pictures from a multimedia collaboration between myself and artist, Julian Sutherland-Beatson.

With the painting’s size reduced, some people might need a magnifying glass to read the words etched upon its chilly, windswept landscape.

glaciers shifting

winds from the Arctic whip me

into fast ascent

We would value some constructive feedback at this stage, to help us gauge the best direction for our project.

In 2011, Julian exhibited his art in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition,  at Glyndebourne Opera House (, in the Eastbourne Festival (, and at Gallery North, Hailsham.

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