Artistic interpretation of Haiku (Picture 1)

This is the first of three sample pictures from a multimedia collaboration between myself and artist, Julian Sutherland-Beatson. We are looking at different ways of presenting our work, such as exhibitions and book form. Any feedback or suggestions would be most helpful at this stage.

Amongst Julian’s many achievements, in 2011 he was artist in residence at Glyndebourne,, and will be returning there again in May 2012. For further info. about Julian and his work, please visit


Buddha Rocks Project: Beetle

Visit for a bounteous source of photographic inspiration by Mr Eric Alder.


Shiny as a polished boot

the small armoured tank scuttles

watched by an eager bird.


A boot shakes the ground

the bird sees its pace

marks the race and swoops

as the boot descends.


Tasting the acid

of a soft belly

she drops the beetle

in time for the boot.


The beetle is detritus

while the size-thirteen black boot

marches on oblivious.


You can learn all about the Buddha Rocks Project at, then perhaps you would like to post on your own blog (or Evelyn’s) a poem or short piece of prose to go with one of Eric Alder’s amazing pictures at

A haiku about breasts: the minus side of the plus size

He ogled her so…

His eyes fell down her cleavage

to join the lost crumbs.


She fished out the crumbs…

but left his eyes in the dark

unless he promised.


An acknowledgment…

She possessed a brilliant brain

but not in her breasts.


He remained stubborn…

Possessing a second brain

elsewhere than his head.


She hired a baby…

They’re just large mammary glands

do you stare at cows?


His eyes were happy…

He had a mother complex

Oedipus blinded.


She stood in a storm…

Dressed in her under-wired bra

lightning conductor.



Stubbornness off the grid

they fried each other.

(c) sarahcpotter, 2012

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