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Artistic Interpretation of Haiku (Picture 4)

If you haven’t already seen the other paintings from this multimedia collection-in-progress, do take a moment to view my previous three ‘Artistic Interpretation of Haiku’ posts.

To learn more about Julian and his art, please visit

As usual, we would appreciate any constructive feedback about our  project.

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11 thoughts on “Artistic Interpretation of Haiku (Picture 4)

  1. This is gorgeous. Sad but gorgeous.
    The image and the text work really well together. Great work the both of you.
    Thank you.


    • Thanks, Graphite Bunny. for your ever-enthusiastic input. I was thrilled when Julian unveiled this latest piece of art. It’s so three-dimensional, I felt drawn right into it.

      (Oh, and I’m so loving viewing everything on a PC screen with decent resolution, compared to my old laptop. We’ve just done our bit for the planet here, by rescuing a broken desktop PC from the electronics’ graveyard and turning it into a mighty beast running Ubuntu. I love it, especially as the whole exercise cost less than £100.)


      • I was looking at this collection and enjoying them again. Are you doing any more?
        I was also thinking that this one would be great as a desktop background if it was a different shape. I was going to plant the seed in your mind – a series of images, in this style, which could be used as a wallpaper image.


      • Yes, Graphite Bunny, Julian is going to do a set of sixteen for an exhibition. Watch this space. That’s an interesting idea about screen savers. Have you any idea if people earn royalties per user upload? The Haiku words would have to be arranged so they didn’t visually tangle with the shortcut icons.


  2. Brilliant and true. We all go through grief, and it helps to have it expressed in art. New chapters grow and are beautiful in their own way. Thank you, Ellen


  3. How is this project coming along?


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