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Friday Fictioneers — Lipstick and High Heels

Genre: Mainstream fiction
Word Count: 100


“Lunar, my dear, you’ve a heavenly body but, for heaven’s sake, keep your mouth shut in front of my parents.”

“What’s it worth?”

“My everlasting love.”

“Liar! All you care about is your inheritance.”

“Not so. I just don’t want my snot-bag of a sister getting her hands on the money.”

“What if she’s at the dinner party, too, and wants to engage in girl-talk.”

“She doesn’t do girl-talk. …Look, it’s essential that my parents don’t get wind of my sexuality, or they won’t leave me a penny.”

“I can’t wait to kick off these stilettos and become Michael again.”


 Friday Fictioneers: 100 word stories
Photo Prompt: image copyright © Dale Rogerson

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42 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers — Lipstick and High Heels

  1. I hope that parents like that are becoming a rare breed these days, though I know it still happens.

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  2. Dear Sarah,

    Oh my. That is a sticky wicket, isn’t it? Rather sad tale and social statement. Well written.



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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Thank you 🙂

      Perhaps I shouldn’t call it humour, as it does have an underlying sadness to it. There I go again, writing something that doesn’t fit into any particular genre! What genre do you think it should be?

      All best wishes,


  3. Oh! Love that last line. It certainly turns the story on its head! Very well done.

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  4. I was thrown for a loop because this is Friday and you normally publish it on Thursday. You had me checking the calendar. LOL Of course it was fun to read; it always is. I wonder what I would look like in high heels???? 🙂

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    • I know, Bill. Time got the better of me yesterday as I had a day out on Tuesday and didn’t even begin to catch up until today. …Now that’s a vision, you in high heels. I wonder what the farmers would think down the market; if it would improve your sales or not 😉


  5. Very sad that such attitudes persist even now.
    Loved your story nevertheless, Sarah.

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  6. Dale on said:

    I know what you mean, wanting to give this a genre label… dunno if you can!
    It does have a funny note to it but the underlying message is a sad one. I say that because I did laugh at first.
    I hope this lovely couple pulls it off!


  7. I see trouble afoot!

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  8. Michael B. Fishman on said:

    I liked your story, it was funny and very visual but it was also a sad reminder of how messed up our society is.

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  9. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover on said:

    Very creative take on the prompt.

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  10. Killer twist, Sarah

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  11. A sad situation but you’ve caught the humour in it. Is he going to be able to pull off the deception all through the evening?

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  12. I didn’t see the end coming Sarah and yes, it’s a sad indictment, but you captured a societal ill in a very few words.


  13. I think (s)he would do great with girl-talk….

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  14. I saw the humor in it until the end. Then it made me sad. I can’t imagine not being able to be myself around my own family. Great story!

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    • When I first posted this story, I labelled it as humour, but then changed my mind and called it mainstream fiction. As you say, it has a sad side to it. Unfortunately, there are many people in this world who can’t be themselves around their families. If they could, it would be a much happier place.

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  15. thought provoking as always!!

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  16. Very sad that she thinks (or knows) her parents match their love to their money.

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  17. Twist on twist. Crisp dialogue. “Snot bag of a sister” was a good one!

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  18. Reminds me of the 1978 film “La Cage aux Folles,” although that was a comedy.

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  19. Bravo! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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