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Friday Fictioneers — Whiskers


They called me Whiskers, but in my head I was The Terminator, rat and mouse zapper extraordinaire.

Master had always paid me my dues with gourmet cat food, until his employees at the flour mill went on strike on health and safety grounds, after the death of a worker from respiratory disease.

Following a fortnight’s standoff, Master downgraded my dinners to the supermarket’s own brand. Fine punishment, considering my workload had increased. So I went on strike, too.

The last I saw of Master, he was a skeleton, the rodents had trebled in size, and I took instant early retirement.


Friday Fictioneers: 100 word stories
Photo prompt: copyright ©  Sandra Crook

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33 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers — Whiskers

  1. Dale on said:

    Always pay your best “employees” the best…

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  2. Dear Sarah,

    The Master should’ve paid better attention to Whiskers the Terminator. I loved being inside his furry skull. Purrfectly imaginative.



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    • Dear Rochelle,
      I’m glad you enjoyed this story, which is my first of a feline kind. But I had to keep the writing of it secret from my dog. She’d be very annoyed to think that I’d wasted words on a cat, as she has hated them ever since a huge ugly tom ambushed her from a height, with all four sets of claws in the air, when she was a puppy. That was a far from purrfect day for her.
      All best wishes,

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  3. The purrfect story!

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  4. At least the cat didn’t nibble on his master… but I guess the rats were tastier afterwards.

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  5. Aww! I love kitty stories and this one is just adorable. Hope Whiskers enjoys his retirement.

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  6. EEeeeWwwww! In a delightful way. My husband and I have always owned cats from rescued to purchased for $8. They are so fun in their own way. You captured a cat’s mood perfectly in this.

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  7. michael1148humphris on said:

    What a clever cat whiskers was.

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  8. Master should have purrsuaded to get back on the job. Fun story.

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  9. oh my there is a lesson here! Cats are the true masters!

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  10. Hanna
    In my head I was the terminator – what a line!
    And great flash fiction

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    • Thanks, so much 🙂 Yes, he certainly thought himself the Arnold Swartzenneger of the cat world… that is, until he saw the size of those rodents!
      PS I’m Sarah, not Hanna 😉

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      • hah
        and sorry – the hanna was supposed to be ha ha ha
        a laugh
        and not a name
        but nice to meet you Sarah and sorry for accidentally calling you hanna
        but if I did call you Hannah it would hanna with the H just like sarah has the H

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  11. A cat of great perception – as are they all. Nice one, made me smile.

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    • I always think that cats have life sussed. The one I saw this morning certainly did. It saw my dog was restrained by a harness, so knew it was safe to stay put on the pavement, just out of reach, and drive her mad! Glad to have made you smile 🙂


  12. It was about a time 🙂 Happy retirement to Whiskers, and thank you for this fun story, Sarah 🙂

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  13. Well, I mean …. how much can you pay a cat anyway, right?

    Pretty darn clever little piece there, Sarah. Did well! The “cat attitude” really came through. Great!

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    • Thanks, so much, Ken 🙂 Yes, cats certainly do have “attitude”. I think they would always prefer being paid in food (the more the better), hence the expression “fat cat” as applied to those in our society creaming off all the profits for himself. Having said that, it has just struck me that they never call a woman a “fat cat”, although it would be an apt description for some. I’m guessing that the expression is meant solely for the “toms” and not the “mollies” of this world! I mean, what adjective rhymes with mollies that means fat/greedy?


  14. Love this Sarah, the last line is brilliant!

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  15. Is it my nasty mind, or were the rats eating the Master to get so fat?

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  16. Very amusing

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